Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Rest Goes a Long Ways

It amazes me that how a little bit of rest followed by some healthy eating and proper hydration can really turn the body around. Today's run was fantastic. My head was clear, I was focused, I was motivated, my legs felt great and I was moving.

This 6 mile run was awesome, have I said that yet. Yes, it was only six miles but after yesterday's struggles on the trail and my head not being clear, not being motivated this was a nice change and for it to happen so quickly. I think all my body needed was some proper rest, no stress...which meant I was off work....some proper nutrition and some proper hydration and I am back in the game.

It was also nice to get my run in in between rain showers. It hasn't rained here in a few months so the rain was needed, but I was just glad not to be running in it just yet. Traildog came along with me this morning and he was moving nicely. He didn't pull me we were working together and enjoying the early crisp air and pretty much the entire parkway to ourselves. We did see a few running groups but they were all running in the opposite direction.

My legs felt fantastic, I didn't have any tightness except my quads were a bit sore from yesterdays trail run to Cool. But that is a good thing, at least I could still run which means I pushed myself yesterday but not to the extent that I couldn't move.

I also think that my light stretching and foam rolling has something to do with my recovery as well. The last few days I have been foam rolling more than I use too and I also have been stretching my legs after each run. This allows me to have some quiet time and to reflect on my run, what worked well, what needs improvement, how does my body feel and things like that. I actually enjoy it because it gives me a chance to refocus.

Focus is what I have been lacking, motivation has been lacking...but I believe that is all changing. My how one day of rest and relaxation can bring about a entire new attitude. Positive thinking goes a long ways.

Hoping that tomorrow's run will be just as awesome!

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