Friday, January 13, 2012

Secret Weapon

So, I have a secret weapon that really has helped me with my training and I am going to share it with. But I am sure some might have already guessed what the secret weapon is. Sometimes I find it hard to find the motivation to go out and run especially after a long stressful day at work. But this is who gets me out the door when I really don't want to.

My Secret Weapon after 14 trail miles

My little bundle of joy. He is full of energy and loves running. Those days when I really just don't want to run he is the one who gets me out the door and on the pavement and the trails.

This past weekend I took him out on the trails and he loved it. He was a very strong partner and really pushed me. He pushed me on the way out and also pushed me hard on the way back in. I found myself running harder and smoother on the trails. We were flying through the technical sections like it was nothing. He had me running 9 min miles. I guess all our week day "tempo" runs is really helping.

Being a little shy

We hit our turnaround in 1:11, we had gone 7 miles. Not bad for a trail run. At the turnaround we each enjoyed our snacks. I had a raspberry cream power gel and Traildog enjoyed some puppy chow and some water.

We headed back and I practiced him off leash. He did a really good job and would run ahead and than stop to make sure I was still behind him. One time I stopped so he couldn't see me and he came running back to me wondering where I was.

On the return he pushed the pace. We were running the hills and flying on the descents. He would lock onto the back of my feet and just keep running. I could feel him right behind me and I knew I couldn't slow down. He was pushing me and on the last mile we were running a 7:56 time on the return was 1:10 with a total time of 2:21. Not bad, and there are some nice hills out there by Cavitt.

Can we run again

We both really had a great time and when we were finished his little tale was wagging. He enjoyed some more puppy chow and when he was finished he wanted to hit the trails again.

He is my secret weapon because when I come home I can't sit down, I have to change and go run with Traildog. Running with Traildog he has pushed the pace and he keeps me honest with my training program. I don't miss a run and neither does he.

In fact the next day after running 14 miles on the trail we headed back to Cavitt and ran 12 miles. It wasn't as fast as the day before but none the less we were both out there running our hearts out. What a great weekend and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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