Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20 Miles and Lil Man

This past week weekend was a pretty full weekend for me. On Saturday I hit the pavement/trail for 20 miles. Since I was being a bit lazy I decided to start my long run for the week from my place. I actually enjoyed starting from my place. I hit the parkway and I was on my way to Beals Point. From there I would take the levee to the fire road and eventualy turn around when I went through twin rocks.

Overall my legs felt pretty strong especially for just having raced a 50k a week ago. My leg turnover wasn't as quick, but for this run I was just focused on getting the miles in and relaxing. One of the best things was using Beals as a mini aid station. Both times I came through I used the real bathrooms with flushing toilets. Sometimes it is the small things in life and for me that day it was flushing bathrooms.

During my trek I ran into some of Fleet Feets Ultra Training Group members and also a bunch of friends who where taking part in a training run put on by James B. It was great on my return seeing everyone and having a few call outs, a "hey Melisa" and a "hey Pigeon." I even ran into Lily who was out doing the 30 mile run and when we passed each other she was looking real strong and focused with a smile on her face.

After my run I had big plans. I had planned a sleep over with Lil Man. We were also going to have dinner at my friends house. Dustin and Michaela, (Batman and Power Girl). Lil Man had a blast playing with their little boy Landon. It was pretty cute when I arrived to pick up Lil Man he was ready to go, him and all 3 of his bags. YES!!! He had three bags for a one night sleep over. In one bag he had his clothes, in another his toys-which he didn't play with- and in the last bag his cooking equipment.

Lil Man had a lot of fun at his buddies house, so much fun he didn't want to leave. On the ride back to my place he almost fell asleep in the car. Once home we both put on our PJ's and like a good auntie that I am I let him watch  one show on T.V. That show was only 10 minutes long but he was happy with that, then we both went to bed as I was exhausted from the days run and he was tired from playing with Landon.

The next morning I had some activities planned. First I made him breakfast. I warmed up some pancakes which he enjoyed with some fresh fruit and of course chocolate milk. Than it was time to bake, good thing he brought his cooking equipment. We made sugar cookies and he helped by laying them on the cookie tray and he even put them in the oven, with  my help of course. After our cooking adventure it was time to take him back home.

I am sure he had a great time just as I did with him. The best part was both of us giggling in the middle of night, at what I don't remember. I just remember both of us giggling. I wonder if he knows?

I know he had a good time because the next day he really drilled his mom as to why I had to move out. I loved his process of thinking. Here is how the conversation looked like, from what I have been told.

Lil Man-Mom, why did Meme move out?
Mom-Because there wasn't enough room.
Lil Man-Kaylee (sister) could sleep in my room on the space ship carpet!
Mom- ummm would you be ok with having to give up most of your toys?
Lil Man-No, Meme could sleep on the couch!

What a thinker he is. I realy do miss him and I wish that I could spend more time with him than I do, but the time we do spend together is very special.

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