Monday, March 5, 2012

Taper and Routines

It is 5 days before my first race of 2012. Way Too Cool 50k, this well be my second time running it and I have big plans/goals in mind. This past week has been a taper week. I originally planned on a 40 mile week, but I will end up with a 30 mile week. Which I am OK with as my legs are feeling really good, that and a few massages by Lily also have helped.

I also have some news, I after 2.5 years of running on the trails finally gotten poison oak. I believe it happened on my last long run, the point to point run from my place to Auburn. Luckily it is only a small patch on my left forearm. It didn't itch as much as I have been told, as I am sure next time it will be out of control itchy.

I can't believe it took this long for me to get it. I really don't want it again, but it is part of running. My arm swelled up and than the redness and itchiness followed. I guess the forearm isn't that bad of place to get it as it. I can't imagine getting it on my legs and having to wear pants all day at work and how miserable that would be.

This week I plan on taking it easy, focusing on staying with familiar food, hydrating as I have not been very good with that and getting in a few short runs to keep the legs loose and firing on all cylinders.

My sister and her family will be watching Traildog for me. Lil Man is very excited. This will be Traildogs first official sleep over. I have strict instructions from Lil Man to bring his bed, his breath treats and a few other odds and ends. I hope I don't forget anything.

I didn't think it would be right for him to be by himself all day on Saturday. This way he gets to spend some time with his best bud Lil Man and be around the family while I am gone. Plus my pre-race tradition is that I spend the night at Coach Nikon and Lily's house and we head to the race together. I have been doing this for every race since my first in 2009 (CIM.)

That is my routine, I sleep on the couch wake up well before any body else, ensure Coach Nikon is up and get ready and head to the race. I enjoy this routine and it helps keep me calm and focused. That is the name of the game this week, to stay calm and focused.

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