Saturday, February 5, 2011

Around the Lake

This week has been a very low key running week for me. In fact I think it has been the lowest recorded mileage week for me in months, probably since October. I do believe that my body needed it plus I was sick for most of the week so it worked out great, well besides the part about being sick. I don't think I know a single soul who would choose to be sick. Anyways back to my low mileage week.

Today's long run was around the lake. The Fleet Feet ultra group met at our usual spot in Old Folsom right across from Karen's Bakery. The plan was to run a easy 12ish around the lake. An easy pace is suppose to be conversational. Keep it nice and easy so you can easily hold a conversation with your running buddy. This pace will vary depending on your speed and fitness. For me that is around 9:15-9:30.

The sad news today was that I didn't bring my Salomon pack which means the Famous whistle was at home. It seems that some team members missed the whistle, but don't worry the Whistle will be back next weekend!

Off we went, I ran with Miss P. or I should say that I kept Miss P. in my sights. At the start my legs didn't feel as heavy as the day before which is good and I was able to get a nice pace going. Miss P. and I decided that since we were in hostile territory on the bike path we would run on the trails to be out of the way of any bikes and any runners as it was 8 am on a Saturday and there were a ton of running groups one of which was from Kaiser. Interesting, I thought.

I hit the trails and ran from within today, not really paying attention to Garmin but rather running by how my body felt. The only reason I had Garmin on today was to track distance. It has been awhile sense I have actually run these trails, almost too long. It was beautiful and peaceful with plenty of greenery every where I looked.

As I neared Hazel and made my way to the bluffs I noticed that I could no longer see Miss P. Wow, she must have turned on the speed and took off. I started climbing the bluffs, I ran about half of it and then I power hiked and took an a Gu. I was feeling a little low on energy, probably because my appetite hasn't been 100%.

At the top of the bluff I went right and then back down and I reconnected with the bike trail. I wasn't on the bike trail too long as the fire road was just around the corner. I hit the fire road and followed it to the horse stable and the awesome tacky single track. The single track on this portion of AR50 has a few nice rollers which is great as the first part of the AR is on the bike path and once I hit this single track it really helps my legs because I can open them up a bit and stretch them out.

The single track continues for a few miles. I enjoyed it, it feels like I am back in the middle of the woods when in fact the bike trail is very close. As I emerged from the woods single track I saw Miss P. and together we continued on the trails.

We climbed up the bluffs again and ran on top for a bit before the short descent back to the bike path. Miss P. shared some chomps with me which I enjoyed three of them. Thank you Miss P. for my snack!!! We hit the bike path and only had a few more miles to go and one last little hill to climb to the black bridge.

I crossed the black bridge and then it was only a short distance to the light. Miss P. hit the light first and made it across while Tony and I sprinted across before the light changed colors. I knew I didn't want to be standing there waiting for the lights to circle back through so I took the chance with only 3 seconds left and yelled to Tony that we could make it. And we did!!!

It was a nice easy run around the lake. Very peaceful and quiet and just what I needed today. After the run the group decided to head over to Karen's Bakery and enjoy a post run meal/coffee. It was great to socialize with everyone and the other great part was it was nice and sunny out.

Overall this run my body felt it this week with not running. I was bit a tight on yesterday's run with dead legs, but today the legs felt good with only the feeling of low energy. Glad that I was able to run today, glad I was able to enjoy the sunshine and glad I was able to enjoy every one's company post run. Here is to running relaxed and listening and sometimes just being! What a great start the day!

The whistle will be back next weekend to be the unofficial crossing guard, motivator or just to bring a smile and chuckle to the group.

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