Sunday, February 13, 2011

Twin Rocks 18

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning, the trail was filled with not only runners but horses galore and did I mention the sun was shinning!

The goal for yesterday's run was 18 miles starting at Twin rocks. We met earlier which was a good thing because the dirt parking area was pretty full at 7:10 when I arrived. Glad I was early. Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman had started earlier to mark the trail. Coach Nikon gave us the pre-run briefing, stating that there was aid up at Sterling in case anyone needed water or Gu. Just like I promised I wore my Salomon pack which means there would be music on the trails to lift the spirits but mostly just for fun.

Pre-Run Briefing

We left a few minutes after 7:30, it was a tad bit cold at first my fingers were freezing but I knew that it would warm up soon enough, so I was wearing a short sleeve. Glad for that decision as it warmed up quickly.

As I started moving it seemed that the first mile never came. It seemed it took forever, I wasn't alone in that, Miss P. was Glad once Garmin beeped saying we had hit one mile. If the rest of the miles were this mental it was going to be a long day on the trail. But it wasn't, I settled into a nice pace and led the pack for a good portion before the turn around. I even had the pleasure to run with Coach Nikon. I hadn't run with him in a long time. The miles ticked by and soon enough we were nearing Buzzard Cove. Here is were things get really technical, with a ton of rocks. It is hard to find a rhythm and it took a lot out of my legs as the terrain broke up my pace. Basically it was run 10 yards, hike some, climb over rocks, run a few feet, hike up the huge step ups, tip toe down and repeat the process.

But eventually the terrain became runnable again. It was tacky and the footing was great. Hollywood and Coach Nikon took off just after Buzzard Cove, and it was just me and Miss P. Who was quickly to ask where my whistle was. With my first request I tooted her a quick song. Which made me smile as I am sure it brightened her run as well.

We were almost near the turn around when we saw Wonder Woman fast approaching. I tooted her a welcome song on my whistle and we all laughed a bit. She would run with us to the turn around. It was great the three Amiga's on the trail. We chit chatted and enjoyed each others company as it had been awhile since I have run with Wonder Woman. Good Times. Wonder Woman showed us were Captain Kirk almost biffed it, a tinny tiny little tree root covered up by the leaves. It was pretty funny because as she was explaining it she almost fell.

As we were nearing the turn around I thought I would make our presence known by tooting my whistle. We hit the turn around and there I ate a Honey Stinger Waffle which tasted so good. Coach Nikon also helped me get the air out of my pack. I had to do the "lazy mans drinking way." This is where I bent over and the water just comes rushing out, but I also had to suck to get the air out. It was pretty funny and reminded me of my runs with Trailmomma.

After about 15 minutes at the turn around Miss. P, Wonder Woman and I headed back, but as we left I tooted my whistle for a bit for Captain Kirk.. By now it the sun was shinning down on us and it had warmed up significantly. I took the lead and ran a comfortable pace, or more conversational pace as the three of us were exchanging stories. We saw our fellow runners and said hi and offered encouragement and when I saw Lily and Boss I quickly tooted a song for them. I think they appreciated it as Boss smiled!

The return trip my legs started to ache a bit, I thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough but on the way out I had at least 2 gus, and at the turn around the waffle stinger and salt. As we hiked the bigger hills I took in at least 2 more Gus and started to feel stronger as my legs weren't aching as much.

Did you see all the water near Rattle snake? We did

Coach Nikon caught up with us and he took the lead from me which was great because he brought this awesome energy which I felt and caused  me to find another gear. As we neared Sterling point, Coach Nikon climb the hill while the three Amiga's fueled a bit more. Here I shared my Sharkies with Miss P. I am trying to eat different fuel on the trail and hoping I can find the right mix as sometimes my stomach goes south. I think I have found a good way to get Gu in my body. I am using a flask now and adding water to water it down, which in turn doesn't make it too heavy when I eat it. I am able to control how much I need a bit easier and the so far the solid food I have tried is working pretty good as well.

Once we fueled at Sterling Miss P. and I took off as Wonder Woman was staying behind with Coach Nikon to ensure the rest of the team knew where the fuel was. We were also nearing Buzzard Cove where it would again be hard to find any sort of pace or rhythm. And just like coming out it was hard and took it's toll on my legs as they started to feel achy again. But we made it through and only had a few more major climbs before twin rocks and our cars.

As we were nearing the end I had to quickly step off trail to allow some horses to pass. There were a ton of riders out today and if I had a horse I probably would have been out also with the gorgeous weather. A few more miles down the trail more horses, and then a few more miles there was a train of horses. This large group though was having some trouble needed to stop. Only they didn't wait until they passed us runners they stopped in between us. The riders also mentioned there horses have never been on the trails before, great I hope I don't spoke them. I cautiously walked up a bit. Finally they started moving again, and as the last rider passed I asked "Are you the last rider." "Yup" is all she said. Miss P. and I started to sprint the last little bit back and as I rounded the corner to my surprise there were 2 more horses. I quickly called to Miss P. 2 more horses and we both jumped off trail to allow them to pass. The riders laughed and trotted past us. And we were sprinting again, the end was near we could see the cars and then we heard" Run Forrest Run!!!" and run we did. We finished our run, looking strong.

Parking area was full when I finished. The cars just keep going and going

It was a great day on the trails with great company. My legs were a bit achy the rest of the day but the rest of day I spent with traildog and Lil Man playing in the backyard and at the park. Here is to the ability to run each day, spend time with family and traildog and too good friends on the trails. Enjoy!!!!!


  1. Nice post! Sounds like a fun and yet busy day on the trails. Thanks for the Trailmomma photo and shout out. I totally needed that. :-)

    I had forgotten about the lazy mans way of drinking with our packs! HAAA Too funny.

    Have fun next weekend. I'll be in NJ but will be checking in for detailed post of the WS training run. Oh how I will miss that!

  2. Yes, Boss loved the whistle!