Friday, February 4, 2011

To Rest

This week has not been a strong running week for me. The training schedule called for a down week but it didn't call for a sick week. Which is what happened this week. I have been sick. I went out and ran Sunday morning in the pouring ran. But I am sure that is not why I became sick.

It all started last week, Friday to be exact, but it could have started sooner as Lil Man has been sick for a couple weeks now. But on Friday is when the snot and runny nose started rolling down his nose and then soon enough his little hand would wipe it and then that gross little hand with all the millions and millions little germs would wipe the couch, or the remote control or God forbid me. UGH!!!! Germs everywhere, everywhere I tell you. A snotty three year old who doesn't know how to blow his nose means germs. It was so disgusting that I literally thought he should be quarantined in mommy and daddy's room, but what can I say. I love him so much that I ended playing with him and watching a movie. Him and is snotty dripping little nose with germs EVERYWHERE!!!!

So of course Saturday was the epic long run of 23.5 miles which probably spurred on the germs to attack when my body was trying to recover, then Sunday and the pouring rain. Germs again said ATTACK!!!! And attack they did, it started with a little sore throat and then a few hours later a small sniffle followed by head congestion. UGH, not good. I have to a meeting on Monday morning which I can't miss, but the little germs don't care about my time frame. They only care about making my life miserable.

I woke up Monday at 2:30 to head to work, with major head congestion, a sore throat, runny nose, cough and even severe loppyness if that is even a word. But I made it to work physically but mentally I was curled up back in my warm bed. Physically I lasted all day at work, yes I didn't make any sense and I was having trouble following basic conversation but I was there. As soon as work was over, I was back in bed where I belong and that is where I stayed. Sick and in bed.

Tuesday came and I was still not feeling 100%, I made it to work that night but didn't last very long. Only long enough to ensure everything was taken care of and on track, but my head felt like it was going to explode, cough and my nose was still congested. Once I made it home I was back in bed and stayed there until I went to work on Wednesday. When is this going to end.

Wednesday night I was feeling a lot better. So much better that I made it through work and I was actually functioning and making sense. Just a few lingering side effects, but feeling so much better.

With all of that I didn't run, I don't think I could have. Maybe this was my body's way of saying slow down, rest, sleep. It slowed me down all right. I rested all right. Now if I can only find that balance when I am healthy. Rest, eat right, run, work, spend time with the family, run, run, run. Sure I can find that balance, I hope.

Today I headed out the door with Traildog and we both went for a nice 6 mile run. My legs felt supper heavy, lungs felt like I didn't have any and we walked some here and there. But we did it, 6 miles so far this week. So glad it was a down training week because my body needed it. Here is to finding that balance and staying healthy.

Here is too rest!!!!

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  1. The sickies are out there!! Be thankful you can at least take a decongestant if you are desperate! Glad you're feeling a little bettter. I wish I could say the same. I had finally gotten into a running routine and then bam, hit with a cold Ah well. Rest up. Cannot believe WTC is next month! SO excited.