Friday, February 11, 2011

Captains Log

Captains Log
Star date 02112010

This weeks voyage finds me up and about this Friday morning enjoying some coffee which was followed by playing with Lil Man and cleaning his room, then a quick vacuum of the house and breakfast all before 8:30. Pretty busy morning, but it wasn't over yet.

I quickly looked for a new route to run. I found one that looked intriguing and I was ready to try it. I memorized the streets I needed to turn on and off I went. The reason for the new route was because sometimes I need to venture off course and bring a little excitement to my runs. I know I can always run by the river as it isn't that far from my house, but sometimes I want to be able to log the miles with out having to do multiple loops or drive down to the river.

Today's run was a voyage into the unknown. The unknown being I had no clue how many miles this new route was, but guess what that actually wasn't a problem for me. In the end the new voyage added an extra mile to my normal six which if I readjusted the route it could add maybe 2 more miles. I think finding new routes today is helping to keep my mind busy.

I mean yesterday on my short drive to work I came up with a brilliant idea on how to increase productivity in my back room. I had brainstormed about this for a day or so before and couldn't come up with any ideas and BAM just like that the idea hit me. It was so simple that I was surprised that I didn't think of it before. All I had to do was make one move and my stock levels were so low in a certain department that I wouldn't need to use a ladder, which in turn increased productivity.

So my mind has been wanting to find solutions, and I guess I needed to find a new route today. Or maybe my mind needed to be occupied. Whatever it was it worked. Not only did I have a productive morning but I also had a very productive afternoon/evening. I made chocolate chip cookies, and I spiced the batch up a little bit by adding dried cranberries. Lil Man said "Hmm, mmm, mmm good in my tummy." I thought they tasted pretty good. I also made dinner. I have been cooking dinner about once a week or so. I enjoy cooking/baking I find it relaxing and I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. Tonight it was chicken cooked in a vinaigrette with mushrooms and green pepper cooked in balsamic vinegar wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with beans. It was pretty tasty, it must have been as the family it every last bit, even Lil Man.

Here is to productive days, new voyages into the unknown and new adventures to come. Ohh and for the Top Chef fans next weeks episode takes place at a P-fresh Target!!!! Should be exciting....

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  1. Great 18-miler, was that on your new route? I love checking out new trails too, always makes for a more interesting run! :)