Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Hill Adventure and Taper News

I have been on vacation since Thursday. I usually do not take a vacation before a race but rather after the race because usually after a 50 miler I am a bit sore. Just ask Coach Nikon. He always gets a kick when I am on the couch and struggle to get up. So I decided to change things up and actually be able to do something. What am I doing??? I will be heading to South Lake Tahoe today and return on Friday. I also have a college friend coming out from South Carolina. She came out a few years ago and I showed her Tahoe and she fell in love with the place. But who wouldn't, it is a very calming beautiful place.

I plan on relaxing on the beach which is a short walk from the condo and also checking out the local sights I haven't seen in awhile. Today I have to pack for the trip, and also get a good walk in for Traildog. He wont be coming with me, but will be in good hands with Lil Man. Lil Man loves taking care of Traildog while I am out even if it is for an hour while I run. He gets very excited and tells me "I am taking care of Traildog." He even passed up a trip to Target one day because he wanted to take care of Traildog. He is really going to miss Traildog in a few months.

This past weekend we (my sister and Lil Man) made our annual trip to Apple Hill. I remember going to Apple Hill when I was a kid and doing the exact same thing we did on Friday. That place never changes (besides the prices.)

Having some fun at Abel's Farm. We also enjoyed lunch on their back deck which had a great view. The food was pretty good, I know I enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich while the Hamburger was a bit on the dry side for my sister. But with the views we had there was no complaining.

After Ables we headed to Boa Vista. This spot we always buy fruit because they have the biggest selection and it is right in between Abel's and High Hill Ranch. Lil Man was great, he had a "job" he helped hold the plastic bag for the fruit and he also ever so gently placed some pears in the bag. At Boa Vista they also have the old fashioned apple peeler. He could have stayed there all day watching it in action. It is actually pretty cool to see. I remember watching that machine when I was a kid.

Next up was the very famous High Hill Ranch. This place is always crazy busy during peak weeks. My memories of the place was fishing at the little pond. We would catch fish, but of course I did not want to touch them. We didn't let Lil Man fish as it was really pricey, but he enjoyed watching all the fish and walking around and enjoying some fresh apples.

While at High Hill we also visited the Fudge Factory. While I enjoyed a piece of homemade chocolate Lil Man played on the train and airplane. We stayed at High Hill the longest, but next on the agenda was Rainbow Orchards. This is where we buy our fresh apple donuts. They literally make them in front of you with the old fashioned donut maker and when you get them they are steaming hot. As soon as you get out of your car you can smell the fresh apple donuts. They are the best and if you haven't tried them you need to. I am a huge fan and my little secret is I could eat them all, but I didn't I only had two over two days. 

The last stop of the day was Larsen's. We always get our apple pies here and this time we bought our apples here as well. If you head up on the weekend make sure to stop by on Saturday as they are closed on Sunday. This place has the huge water wheel pictured above and Lil Man was mesmerized by it. He wanted to stay and watch it forever. But I told him we needed to get moving because if we don't they will run out of pie. Once I said that he jumped down from the bench grabbed my hand and we headed over to buy our apple pie.

We visited 5 ranches. These are the five ranches we always visit. There are a ton more one being the Jack Russel Brewery. That place makes some good brews. No matter where you go in Apple Hill you will have a great time. I know I always do and I can't wait to go back again, I might just have to stop on my way to Tahoe for some fresh Apple donuts.

In running, I have been really enjoying my taper. I did head out this past week for a few short runs to help keep my legs fresh. A few of those runs I threw in some pick ups so that I wouldn't have the dead leg feeling. Overall my body is responding well to the taper, I am feeling stronger and energized and also mentally ready for Saturday. I have a few things I have to get together Friday when I return for my crew, but overall I am ready for Redemption. I have a awesome crew (Dustin) and a awesome pacer.

Coach Nikon will be pacing me from the Overlook to the finish. He just ran Rio Del Lago

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  1. Awesome! Enjoy your time in Tahoe. The weather was great! I wish I could pace you! :( I really do but I am not quite up to pacing status yet ... I promise, for WS I'll MAKE myself ready!!