Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day with Lil Man

Yesterday I spent the morning hanging out with Lil Man and my sister at the Fish Hatchery. Now I haven’t been to the fish hatchery since I was a little kid, so many moons ago. I actually wasn’t going to go at first because I had just come back in from a six mile run. But when Lil Man asked “You want to come with us Meme?” I just couldn’t say no.
Do you like his boots?

We spent a good hour at the hatchery. We walked the perimeter where there is a nice path and the river is right there. It was a good ¼ mile hike and of course Lil Man and I ran some of it. We made our way into the fish hatchery and spent some time feeding the fish. I cannot believe how many fish were in the holding area. There are thousands of them.

Having Fun on the hike

Time to feed some fish

The machine just kept feeding out the food! Score

It's amazing how quickly the food empties out of the cup. 5 seconds and it was time to refill it.

Check out those fish

After we feed the fish we made our way into the museum and learned about the Salmon and the life a fish. Pretty interesting. Than soon enough Lil Man had had enough of the fish hatchery and it was time to head home.

We saw some birds

Lil Man and his Mom

Now that is a big fish

Learning about the fish and the water

I had to make a trip to Target, Nephew Q birthday party is on Sunday and I needed to pick up a present. So I brought Lil Man along with to help me decide. I mean he is the expert in the 3 year old field. He played and played and played with the toys. Testing them out and of course “hinting” that he wanted something. I held strong today and explain to Lil Man that today we were picking out a birthday present for Nephew Q, and I needed his help. We finally picked out the perfect birthday present. A fire truck, which makes all sorts of sounds and even has flashing lights. I know a noisy present. I am sure payback will be in order next month Lil Mans birthday party.
The day wasn’t over yet, Lil man and I enjoyed a movie in the afternoon. We “fought” over Rio and The Fox and The Hound. Why I try to reason with a three year old I am not sure. Lil Man had some good points, I wouldn’t get scared because Traildog would be right there to protect me. Now I had no interest in watching The Fox and The Hound. So I did what any good auntie would do, I just started Rio and sure enough Lil Man settled in and watched the movie with me and Traildog. The best line that really grabbed Lil Mans attention was “pop it off like a soda can.” You will just have to watch the movie. He has been running around the house saying that all evening. Overall the movie was cute and had some great songs and  nice message.

It was a busy day, but a relaxing day with Lil Man. I enjoy spending time with him and soon enough there will be some big changes that I am not quite sure Lil Man fully understands. SO it might be a shock to him. Today I have a 20 mile run planned with some awesome friends and than a BBQ in the afternoon. Another full day.

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