Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Nice Break

Things have been crazy over here at the Pigeon household or I should say work. I am still covering two stores. Once I finish up my process I head over and assist with clearing out the back room for the remodel store. I will say that things are moving nicely on the remodel, and it is pretty cool going in day in and day out and seeing the changes. Do I miss it? Yes, but I am glad I wasn’t the lead Executive on this project. It is tough. I am glad I am only helping support them.
Last week I took 4 days off to celebrate my birthday and to enjoy some time with Lil Man and Traildog. I didn’t run that much I think I logged only 6 miles last week. I decided that I needed to take some time off after the 50k and rest and recover and come back even stronger. I have 4 weeks before my big Target race this year. The Sierra Nevada 50 miler. If you remember last year, this is the race that I had my first DNF with less than 5 miles to go. It was a tough day out on the trail and I have Redemption in my sights this year.

What did I do on my days off? I spent a lot of time of relaxing. I spent most of my afternoons playing with Lil Man and Traildog and I even spent a evening with my family at dinner. I can’t remember the last time we have all been together like that. It has been awhile.

Time for some stroller derby!

This way Q, this way! Corner, Corner

Lil Man shows Q how it is done.

Ohh no man down!

Ahh how cute are they. This was right before they both tumbled into the wall and loud crying followed. But I am proud to say that I got this shout.

Time to mow the yard.

Nephew Q who turns 3 this weekend.

Lil man is ready to play baseball

Batter Up!!

Nephew Q showing me how it is done.

Traildog trying to stay cool and as close to his mommy as he possible could.

Slip and Slide time

Mommy I don't want to get wet, I want to stay right here in the shade with you.

Lil Man had a blast showing me how he could slip and slide.

A little help from daddy to reach the "pool"

Of course when I did return back to work on Friday I was immediately overwhelmed. I was “asked” to return to the remodel store and help them sort out their back room. When I read the list of what needed to get done and how much of it was bone breaking labor I was terrified. It takes a lot of energy and effort  on my part to complete a 2600 piece trailer and then to head over and continue with the physical work load is even tougher. But I did, and maybe that is why I wasn’t running that much because I have been exhausted after my 10 hour shifts of nonstop lifting, problem solving, ect.

I am glad that it is my 4 day weekend. I really needed this break. I can’t wait to hit the trails on Saturday enjoy some good BBQ with some awesome friends and then a birthday party on Sunday for my nephew Q. Busy weekend but one that will bring joy and happiness to this tired and overworked Pigeon.

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  1. Wow Lil Man has really grown this summer. I guess that happens huh? Great photos. Glad you took some time to rest and reconnect with your family.

    SNER is going to be yours this year!!! All yours!