Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

Tahoe, a thing of beauty. I spend time up here because it calms me. Tahoe brings me back to my center. I usually come here with no schedule, no to do list, nothing that I have to do. I think that is what vacation is all about, just being and enjoying the surrounding beauty. What better place to "do nothing" but in Tahoe. I can sit on the beach for hours and do nothing, maybe read a book, listen to the rhythm of the lake or the wind rushing through the trees.

The other morning I was up bright and early and headed down to the beach. It was peaceful the water was glass like and the only thing on the water was this stand up paddle boarder. I watched him as he effortless made his way across the lake never missing a stroke never faulting. His movements were fluid and easy. He was just being in the moment and I was too. I took a walk on the beach and enjoyed the cool sand between my toes, I enjoyed listening to the light breeze blow through the trees the calmness of the water, but soon I knew I would have to head back down to pick up my friend from the airport who was flying in from South Carolina. With a heavy heart I made the trip, but knowing I would be returning very shortly.

Once we returned to South Lake Tahoe, I showed her the incredible sights and at each stop we took in the beauty and stillness of it all. In all of my time coming to Tahoe I have never eaten at the Beacon Bar and Grill. That all changed yesterday. We enjoyed a nice lunch on the deck overlooking the look. I enjoyed one of their famous Rum Runners which was totally different then what I was expecting. It was slushy like but tasted really good, I could smell the rum and then I could taste the rum followed by the pineapple. I would most definitely eat here again as the location couldn't be even better and being able to see the Lake while enjoying our lunch was just amazing.

Fallen Leaf Lake

Next up on our adventure was Fallen Leaf Lake. This lake is about 1 mile South of the larger Lake Tahoe. A interesting fact was it was created by two glaciers which traveled down the Glen Alpine Valley. The beauty of this lake is indescribable. Standing on the beach and looking up at Mt. Tallac is breath taking and unbelievable how much beauty is surrounding me. Fallen Leaf Lake has a nice general store and a marina along with a ton of hiking trails and a water fall up the road past the fire station on the right hand side, Lower Glen Alpine Falls.

Lower Glen Alpine Falls

We hiked around the water fall and just took in all the elements from the smell of trees to the water rushing down the rocks. Usually this time of the year the falls aren't this heavy, but with all the snow last year it was still roaring.

We continued up the windy single lane road to the parking lot on top and took in another lake and the mountain. The water was calm and I could feel the warmth of the sunshine. The calmness and warmth was recharging me and I could feel the calmness go through me.

Tahoe is a special place, a place I will always come to. It reminds me to just be and slow down. I don't always have to be going full force. It really is a thing of beauty!

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