Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lil Man's 4th B-day Party

This past weekend was my nephews Lil Man birthday party. He was super excited because this year his birthday party was a Halloween B-day party. All the little kids came dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoyed a awesome bounce house that had a slide as well as a basketball hoop.

Lil Man and C.Q., my nephews

The train engineer

Captain America made an appearance

Time sure has flown by and I really hope that this birthday party was special for him. I mean this is all he talked about ever since he and his mom came up with the theme. He even invited some special adults to join in his celebration. Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman! He was really excited when I told him that Wonder Woman was coming, in fact when they showed up he went running to them all excited. Sorry Captain Kirk about the miscommunication, I didn't know. But Lil Man was super stocked to see both of you!

My sister

Having fun in the bounce house

Showing me how to go down the slide

basketball time

Spending some quality time bouncing with the birthday boy

 Also in attendance was his new friend Landon and Power Girl and Bat Man. These two had a ton of fun together running up and down, in and out, jumping off of the slide. I think Landon brought out Lil Man's daredevil. That is a good thing, as Lil Man only a few days before the party actually created mud and jumped in it. That was a huge step. Lil Man does not like to be dirty or get wet if he can help it and he doesn't pick up bugs, but we are working on that, or I should say his dad is working on that. I don't know where he got that fear from. It wasn't me....honest!!!!

Time for some cake

See the dare devil came out

Thanks for coming Trailmomma

My sister

All the kids had a great time enjoying the bounce house and the other Halloween related activities while the adults enjoyed good conversation, some good food, and of course adult beverages. Thank you to everyone who came, Lil Man had an awesome time and still can't stop talking about it. Sadly the bounce house is gone, but the memories will stay forever!

Traildog even enjoyed the bounce house!

Happy Birthday Lil Man!!!!

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  1. Awesome. I love that last photo with Traildog! So glad we could come. The Peanut was excited .... until she fell out of the bounce house ... twice. :)