Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Clicked on the Trail To Cool

Yesterday it finally clicked! I had a really strong run on the trails to Cool. When I woke up though that morning I almost talked myself out of running, but I am very thankful I didn't. Maybe I had such a good run because my head was finally clear and I managed to get some rest the night before, but what ever it was I was due and I really needed that run.

I headed up to the overlook to meet up with some friends from the Ultra Group. I was a bit pressed for time as I had plans in the mid afternoon so I knew I needed a good three hour run and I also knew I wanted to run at least 14 miles. I also knew that running to Cool has some challenging climbs but was doable as long as I stayed focused.

Jumping Bean and I headed out before the group. Jumping Bean was planning on running with me as this was her easy day, and her easy day is my day of work. So it worked out well. She pushed me without even knowing it. She is a joy to run with, just full of life and excitement. It was great running with her and laughing at some of our stories we told.

On the way to Cool, I pushed myself on both the descents as well as the ascents. My legs were feeling really strong and responding really well to the terrain. We arrived in Cool in a little bit over 1:25 which is a good time especially for me.

On the return we saw the group and everyone was looking really good. I knew that jumping bean was going to take off on me on the 3 mile descent but she agreed to wait for me at No Hands. I was maybe a few minutes behind when we regrouped. I had pushed myself on the descent, but not hard enough where my quads would blow up, but hard enough where it was a bit uncomfortable and a bit uncontrolled. Once at No Hands I knew the real work was going to began as there were some climbs we had to get through.

We were making really good time, in fact I wasn't worried that we wouldn't make. I ran when I wanted to and hiked the steeper sections. I even made Jumping Bean run the huge hill to Robie Point. I hiked it, but I also am not training for anything! We talked and laughed over the next few miles in and ended up finishing our run in 2:55. I had 5 minutes to spare.

It was a great day on the trail, a run that I really needed. This run allowed me to for a few hours forget my troubles and refocus myself on staying in the moment and enjoying that moment for what it is worth. Life will have it's ups and downs, but it is what we do when we are down. Will you get back up? I know I will!


  1. Great post M! It was a lot of fun running w/you and learning a few things on the way! ;);) Thanks for saving me when I tripped, could have been bad! Cheers, till next time, JB

  2. Cool will always clear your head. :)

    Thanks for being out there on Sunday. It was so great to see and hear your voice!