Saturday, October 29, 2011

Too Much To Think About

The past few weeks have been very difficult for me to log any real miles. Maybe it is the fact that I do not have a race anytime soon, or maybe I am still recharging, or maybe just maybe work is breaking me down right now. I have been putting in some long hours, hours which at time are physically as well as mentally exhausting. In the retail world we are nearing our 4th quarter. I mean I already have Christmas set. Plans are being made for black Friday, plans for Christmas, where is the excess of toys going to go, what about all the bulk that will be coming in. How many new team members do I need to support the logistics process and much much more.

Then the company makes an announcement that we will be open at midnight on black Friday. You can read about it, it is all over the web.(I checked before writing this post) Really? With about four weeks to go a bomb gets dropped on our lap. This effects my process the most, as I had already planned out that week and what my team was doing and what I days I was working as well, I am off Monday and Tuesday as of now. I also am trying very hard to keep a reasonable schedule for my team members so that they can also enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. But opening at mid night, now that is a challenge for me. I am still obviously digesting this information as I just received Friday mid day right as I was getting ready to leave, and will have to go back and revisit my plans and really change things up all the while being very mindful about everyone family time as well as my own. Will, I kind of think I wont be having any family time that day, which I am not very happy about.

I am sure as I redraw up my plans all will come together, but it is going to take some time. Time though is something I don't really have, you see I took some days off next week, Tuesday through Friday and I am sure my team will have a ton of questions especially since the news is being delivered this weekend, I am off this weekend. So back to the drawing board. Umm maybe a good long run is just what I need to wrap my head around all of this. I know opening up at midnight is the good for the company as it keeps us competitive with our competitors.

So that is what I have been struggling with, schedules, new team members, plans, freight flow, how much room do I have in the back room, p-fresh, and now black Friday. So running has taking a back seat and when I did manage to head out this week, my body was really off. My legs were loaded and really heavy, my breathing was off and I just couldn't find that happy place I usually find while running. Is it too much on my mind, to many mental stressers, or I could just be over thinking everything right now? But I have been feeling off and I am hoping that one of these runs everything will click again. I am sure it will, and I shouldn't worry about it.

On a side note 14 days until the LOTTERY opens up for States! Are you putting in? I know I am.

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