Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's Next?

So, what’s next? Actually that is a question that is not on my mind. I really have no desire to run at this point. Is that bad? I am not sure. Is it because I just had a full season and possible need a few weeks off? Yes! I haven’t had any down time in a year. My last two week break or was it four week break from running was back in October when I was instructed by my doctor to rest up and allow my ribs to heal. I did that and I came back stronger than ever.

But the only weird thing was when I rested last year I actually still had the drive and motivation to run. I went hiking in Tahoe I stayed active, right now the only activity I do is at work during my 9-10 hour shift. Well the desire and need to run come back? I hope so. I feel mentally fried and this break I am hoping will help reset me.

I have been resting since my last race on September 24. I had a few blister on my feet that needed to heal and I allowed those blisters to heal. It was pretty neat though, I ran the 50 miler on Saturday and on Monday I was back at work. My legs were a bit sore and if I didn’t have those blisters I would have been walking normally, but the blister caused me to favor my left side. I remember my first 50 miler and how sore I was, I could barely walk. My body must be adapting to this distance which is exciting when I think about that.

I have also been spending a lot of time with Traildog and Lil Man. The three of us have been going on walks to the park where Lil Man enjoys the running around and riding his scooter. Traildog of course enjoys just being by his mommy side. Traildog even made a appearance at Fleet Feet and was really good there. He just sat and waited to be petted and explored the back room. Ok, so maybe I haven’t been as inactive as I thought, walking counts as activity.

I have no more races planned or on the agenda for the rest of 2011. I am not running the California International Marathon; I really do not want to punish my body with pavement training. What is planned for next year? Well, I really do not know. I guess I am waiting on a certain LOTTERY to figure that out next year.

In the meantime I am just enjoying being. I do have to find a new place to live, which I have been putting off now for a month or so. Looking for a new place is tough for me as I have a hard time with change and I also need to keep Traildog in mind when looking for a new place. I don’t want him to become unhappy.

This weekend though I am volunteering at Fire Trails. A race that Julie Fingar is putting on. I will be heading down with some of my friends and volunteering at an aid station all day. The race has an early start time option at 5:30 so I am sure we will be there really early in the dark setting up. Maybe while I am volunteering the spark will return and my drive to run again will come back. I am looking forward to helping out other runners achieve their goal this weekend, just as all the volunteers this year helped me achieve mine.

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  1. Nothing like volunteering at a race to get that spark going!! ha! When is that lottery again? Isn't it CIM weekend? I'd love to be up there with you when they do it ... hmmm but you go up during a regular work day don't you? We'll talk. :-)

    Rest up for the year. I think that is a smart move and besides, you'll only be "resting" until December 10th when we start FF training right!?

    Maybe you can come out on a few pavement runs with me ... my pace is slow enough ... I've lost my motivation but luckily CIM is making sure I don't shut down entirely.