Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Fire is Alive and Burning

Have you ever watched a program or read a article/blog that inspired you? That is what happened today. I watched the replay of the Kona Iron man World Championships and I was inspired. It brought my focus back that has been missing for awhile now. My fire was alive once again.

The past few weeks I have been distracted and unfocused. Lost you could say in a way. Yes I went about my normal everyday activities but something inside of me was off, something was just not right, I wasn't me. My running was affected, which in turn affected my mind. Which is not good with a race right around the corner.

With everything that has been going on I did receive some good news which really lifted my spirits. With that good news and some solid advice from my friend Anthony, I went out and ran 4 miles at a hard pace. Pushing myself on the little rollers, throwing in some tempo during the flats. It was a amazing feeling.

Anthony's post on my facebook wall "Relax, your fit, go run something short and hard today you will feel better..... " This he posted before he read my post from Thursday.

I did just that and today I feel better. So much better in fact I can say that my legs are back. The leg turnover felt really good today and it was even better that my mind was focused on the task at hand and I was highly motivated! All good things.

I can't wait for Saturday; Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler here I come!


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