Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Fatigued

Today my body feels like it has hit a brick wall. Very low energy which is causing my brain to scramble about Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile which is next Saturday. Today I woke up and headed out the door for a very easy run. I knew that I didn't want to wait, because again the temperature here will be in the 100's again. During my run I felt very low on energy, my legs didn't feel powerful and I found myself walking the final hill that takes me out of the parkway to Sutter Street. A hill I have flown up in the past.

I know every taper is different and I am hoping that with the lower mileage my body will bounce back. I would like to think that my brain is over thinking. I have logged only 13 miles this week and I don't plan on logging too much more. A few shorter runs in the next few days. I will be running how my body feels and letting my body dictate to me what pace and effort will look like. For the most part I will be keeping it nice and mellow.

The past few weeks I have not worn my Garmin. My last long run I didn't wear a Garmin and I actually like it. Not knowing what the pace is, but instead just running how I feel. With this taper I have still been eating, I bring a lunch to work every day with snacks and a sandwich, my water intake hasn't been as strong as it has in the past which could be causing some of the fatigue, but I still think I am drinking plenty of water because when I use the bathroom it isn't dark yellow. I do have a massage for tomorrow with Lily, and I am sure that will bring some new energy into my body, it always does.

For now I am focused on eating healthy, drinking water and resting.

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