Sunday, July 29, 2012

Running Post TRT

It's been a week since TRT50 miler. Yesterday I headed up to Auburn and hit the trails with some friends for 18 miles of dirt, climbs, descents, and fun. I wasn't to sure what the day would hold for me, if I was even going to be able to complete the miles that the others were looking at doing, or if I was even going to be able to keep up. My body once again surprised me and ran very strong.

I knew it was going to be a good day when we started down the damn hill, a 3 mile descent that starts on pavement and than transitions onto gravel back to pavement and finally more gravel. My quads felt great, I had no lingering pain, and mentally I was really focused and excited about this run.

We (5 of us) hit the single track trail and we enjoyed the smooth quiet trail. It was kind of weird how quiet it was. Michaela broke the silence on how we weren't hearing any birds, no squirrels, nothing, just silence. Makes one think that "something" was watching the five of us. I know my awareness was heightened after that comment even more so, as it was pretty odd. The miles were quickly clicking by and soon we hit the turnaround, where of course we enjoyed a snack and than headed back after a few minutes rest.

We were all feeling really strong and we all stuck together as I had pushed the pace on the way out. Everyone was running strong. I was surprised that I was able to keep that pace, I had attacked most of the climbs on the way out, but the return I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep it up. Jay took the lead as we made our way through the star thistles, those little things really cut our legs up and we could hardly see the trail at times. Soon Jay stepped off to get a thistle out of his shoe and I was in the lead. I was feeling pretty strong and continued to set the pace with everyone close behind.

Than as we hit the 13 mile marker, sharp pain ripped through my stomach and caused me to have to step off the trail and let the others by. I knew the only way to get rid of this pain was to really slow my pace and breathing down. The four of them slowly inched their way ahead and than in one climb I didn't see them again. The pain slowly subsided and I was able to get back into it, but at this point my legs were feeling it.

As I neared the bridge, everyone was waiting there and I thanked them and we made our way to the damn hill. We hit the base and the work was really going to start for me. I slowly made my way up the hill, we would hop scotch our way up the hill until my legs finally said enough was enough and they were fully loaded. I ended up having to walk more than I would like but ultimately I am just happy that I was able to go out and run on the trails with my friends after running TRT50 a week ago.

Going forward I am going to enjoy just hitting the trails whenever I can, maintaining my fitness and enjoying time on the trails with friends!

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