Monday, October 8, 2012

Four Grills Later

This past month I have been really wanting to BBQ on a real grill. When I lived in Folsom, grills were not allowed at my apartment complex so BBQ'ing was impossible. I really enjoying cooking outdoors and best of all there is hardly any clean up as I cook everything on the grill. From the meat to the vegetables and if we have potatoes potatoes. Did I mention how much I enjoying BBQ'ing???

Anyways, I had been waiting all summer for the grills to go on clearance. I waited and they went 30% but I knew I could wait a bit on longer. They didn't go 50% and I was starting to sweat a bit as there were only 2 left on sales floor. I waited taking a chance hoping they wouldn't disappear. Then one day a Wednesday to be in fact they went 70% and that is when I made my move. 2 left, they were on floor for over an hour when it was time to buy it. Yes!!!! I had just bought a grill for $55, a four burner grill along with a side burner. SCORE!!!!!

Now all I had to do was get the grill home, you see I had walked to work. Luckily my friend said she would take me and my grill home, but we had to get it in her car. So we took it out of the box and I am pretty sure it was very funny to watch. Us trying to get the grill in the car. But eventually I think 30 minutes later we were on our way to my house. The next step was to build the grill, only I had not eaten all day and was really low on energy, my brain wasn't working and the instructions were not making sense. I left the grill and decided I would work on it later. Even though I really wanted to BBQ that night.

Friday came and the grill still wasn't put together but a good friend of mine Rachel offered to help me. She came over and went right to work, only the grill was damaged. Sadly we would not be enjoying some BBQ that evening as it was getting late. Rachel came back Saturday morning and helped me return it back to the store and we than went over to the rental house and picked up the grill that was left behind from the previous tenant. Ohh what fun this was, I was scared because the back yard was a bit overgrown and ended up screaming while high stepping my way to the patio. Ohh what a sight that was.

Once home we cleaned up the grill and hooked up the propane tank and we were in business. Only we weren't. The dang grill wouldn't lite, no matter what we tried. AGHAGHHHHHH.........
Finally I had had enough and we drove over to Lowe's and I bought a new 4 burner grill that was on sale that also had a side burner and was already built. Now we were in business.

So if you have been keeping track this is grill number 3, something that should have taken a few hours has now taken about 3 days. Crazy, but how awesome of Rachel to help me during all this. I mean I don't know what I would have done as she had the truck and that totally made it easier with all the grills we were moving.

We did finally get our BBQ, and have been enjoying the new grill sense, but remember this is four grills later. What we found out is that the first burning on the third grill does not lite up. Really, I mean really. This is crazy, how can this be?

We will be heading back to Lowe's and exchanging the grill with the busted burner and getting a new grill. Hopefully the fourth grill will be the charm. All of this trouble because I really wanted a grill. But being able to BBQ anytime is great.

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