Friday, October 12, 2012

The Small Things in Life

Yesterday I hit the trails for the first time in a few weeks and let me tell you how amazing running on the trails was. It was awesome. It was just what I needed. I headed up to Auburn and decided to run to Cool, only I turned around at the 5 mile marker. This was a good thing because my legs were feeling the pounding of the descents and the climbs. I think I need to start my hill workouts again. But that is beside the point. The point being is I was out on the trail enjoying something I love, enjoying the moment and all it had to offer me at the time. What a feeling.

I miss the trails. My back has been feeling a lot better, it's still not 100% but it is good enough to hit the trails. Yesterday's run may not have been very far but it was a stepping stone for what is to come. I mean any day on the trails is a good day in my book regardless of how the run went. I am just the lucky one to be able to run the trails anytime I want.

I do miss my weekly runs with Trailmomma and I am sure we will need to plan a run together. HINT>>>HINT>>>>HINT>>>>

Right now I am just enjoying maintaining the base miles, not following any sort of training program and running how my body feels. When the Fleet Feet Ultra Training program starts up in December though I want to go into it fit, but not over trained. Which will be a fine balance, as this is a very busy time for me at work and running will most definitely help keep me sane.

Things on the home front are really great, I am enjoying my new place and Traildog loves it. He is much more happier as am I.

Here is to enjoying those small moments in life and loving life for all it's worth! The small things in life is what will make those moments that much more special.

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