Monday, August 13, 2012


This past week I finally took it a bit easier. I think my lack of motivation had been my bodies way of telling me to take a break. I ran three times this past week for a total of 22 miles. Two of those runs were on the treadmill as it is still really hot here, like 105 each day hot. I also woke up early and took Traildog out for a 8 mile run, but that run really was a suffer run. A suffered both mentally and physically. I just haven't been feeling myself when I run. My body hurts and aches and I need a break.

I have been training strong since December of 2011. I am coming off a very  tough race which "cracked" me. Yes, I had a good race with some challengees at TRT 50 miles but it took a lot out of me and I am still trying to rebuild. So a rest week was in order.

What have I been doing with my rest week, Lil Man came over and we went swimming. We praticipated in his version of the Olympics events. Let me see.....there was diving, "Meme, the smallest splash wins!" Needless to say he won! There was synchronized swimming, he did fantastic all on his own while his mom and I looked on. He did twirls and flung his hands this way and that way and the entire time he had a huge smile on his face just like how they do it on tv. Then we raced  from one end of the pool to the other. Instead of a stop watch Lil Man counted, let me just say he was pretty consistent with his counting until we were almost to the other side then he would speed up so we would miss the qualifying time. 1.....2......3......4.....5...6..7..8.9.10

It was fun spending time with him and just enjoying being in the moment. I also finally made a decision to move. I am not happy where I am at, I love the location but I don't love the "apartment feel." I don't like hearing my neighbors and I am sure they don't like hearing me at 3:00am, I don't like walking outside and smelling smoke, I don't like the fact that Traildog doesn't have a bigger yard, and I really don't like being so far away from my family. Yes 20-30 minutes isn't that far, but it is far enough that a casual comment like "Let's go see Meme, just because" turns into do we have time?

Right now I am once again packing up my place, there really isn't much to pack because I never really unpacked. I am also thinking that once I get settled a really good purge will be in order. Most of my things have been in storage for at least 5-6 years now. And when I put them in storage it was done very frantically, so there really is no rime or reason behind it.

I am looking forward to being closer, having a yard for Traildog, and having a shorter commute. I don't like spending time in my car as I see it as wasted time when I could be doing something else more productive; like running! Right now Traildog is a little stressed out seeing the boxes and things getting packed up. He is probably thinking "I hope mommy doesn't forget me" as he is spending a great deal of his time next to me. Poor guy, but in the long run we will both be happier, it is just a matter of actually moving everything.

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