Saturday, August 18, 2012


Right now I am enjoying some much needed R&R up in Tahoe. My sister and her son/my nephew Quinn invited me along. We left yesterday (Friday) and so far it is just what I needed. Before leaving though I watched both my nephews Lil Man and Q. Lil Man couldn't wait to come over and called me bright and early, luckily I was up and ready for him. Ready meaning I was working on putting the dart board on the wall because like he told me Thursday night, "It is my favorite" and I would not want to disappoint him.

Up went the dart board and a game followed. I have forgotten how much fun darts are and how many different games there are to play. Q came over not long after and the boys enjoyed running around the house playing hide and seek, playing in the toy room, and playing out in the back yard. I couldn't keep up with them.
Lil Man


While they were running around getting tired I was busy trying to find my clothes and essentials that I had packed up the day before during my big move. I ended up throwing a bag together and who knows if I have everything I needed. I did pack the running shoes and some running clothes, so I am safe there.

Running and playing

Playing outside!

We arrived in Tahoe about mid day yesterday to a gorgeous house. The inside is five star all the way, except there is no coffee pot, there is commercial size grange and refrigerator and the details are immaculate. My sister sure does know someone, that is for sure.

The plan for our trip is to do some hiking, I will probably do some running as there is a nice hill right outside, we will spend time at the lake and relax. Maybe a sunset cruise on the lake for happy hour. I really don't know nor does it matter. I am just enjoying being away for a little bit and enjoying some quality with my nephew Q and sister. Tahoe Vacation!!!!!

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