Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fuzzy hats and Dragon Fighter!

It appears that I woke up far to early this morning for work. I am ready to go and I realize that I have another hour before I can even step in the building. Oopps! I could have slept in today, but instead I managed to start my day earlier than I should have.

Anyways.....Lil Man amazes me everyday. His smile, his excitement when he walks in the door and sees that I am home. The way he is using is brain and I can see the "wheels" spinning as he is trying to convince me to buy him a toy or get him another cookie. Just the other day I offered to play out back with him but I told him he needed to put a hat on. This was when the sun was out and it wasn' t raining. He said ok and kept saying "I am going to get the fuzzy one. The fuzzy one Meme." "Ok, fine sure what ever. Hurry up." I said. He walks out wearing this......

His fuzzy hat!

I did say he could wear his fuzzy hat, I just wasn't sure what that meant. Now I do. I thought he would have grabbed his ball cap. Still he knew what he wanted and he explained it to me, maybe I was too tired to actually hear and process what he was saying.

Another time we were out back playing again, well I was mostly trying to keep the chickens away from me and throw the ball for Traildog. Then Lil Man had this great idea to play dragon fighter. He was really excited, I once again agreed to play dragon fighter only I didn't know how. As soon as I agreed to play he ran in the house. I am standing outside a bit perplexed at this because I thought this was an outdoor game. I need to remember to ask more questions, but then he came back outside in his dragon fighter outfit......

The dragon fighter!

He runs back outside and has me follow him into the "forest" which is just the plants in the far corner of the yard. We fight our way through the tall trees and what do we see, dragons. He uses his sword while I use wait Lil Man I don't have a sword. He told me to grab my "sword" from his back pack. He eventually sees that I am not very good at make believe and gives me a stick to play with. We are fighting the dragons when he spies a baby dragon and he looks at the baby dragon and says "ohh how cute" he pets the baby dragon and tells me we do not fight it. I ask him the obvious question "but, wont it get big and come after us?" "No Meme, it is my friend." Then we see more dragons and have to save mom.

Coming out of the "forest"

Look a dragon Meme, this way!

Attacking the dragon

His imagination is pretty fantastic, he remembers the games we play during all of those special meme times. I look forward to collecting more memories and seeing what tomorrow holds for him!

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