Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thinking and lessons learned

I have had some time to reflect on my last long run. You remember the run where I told Wonder Woman I don't think I can finish it, the run where I had a few mental break downs, and the run where I almost got sick and the run where Trailmomma had to point out to me how pale I really was at the end. Yup that run!

In thinking back on that day of running I know for a fact that I did not properly fuel my body. I was out there for 8 hours and I think I had 4 Gu's, a package of GU chomps and 1 Honey Waffle Stinger which by the way was during the last 1.5 miles of the 29 mile run. Yeah....pretty sure I didn't eat enough. How did this happen, that I am a little unclear on.

 Maybe because on the climbs I was working so hard and trying to stay focused that I just completely forgot, or maybe I just wasn't focused enough. I should have seen the signs well before the end. I was irritable, tired, not really all there, having little mini break downs through out the run. I know for a fact that I was on very little sleep for the day before and the week which I am sure played a huge role in my mental performance as well as my physical performance.

I have had some of my close friends tell me that we learn more from the challenging runs then our most successful runs. I in fact learned a lot that day. I learned that I have more in my tank then I think, I wanted to stop with 6 miles to go, but some encouragement from Wonder Woman and I completed it. I learned that I have a very high pain tolerance, well I knew that this just reiterated it. I learned that I need to listen to my body and to fuel more. I learned that even though I was cursing myself and doubting my future races it was temporary and I actually can't wait to hit the trails and race again.

It was a very challenging day in the canyons but looking back on it I am glad that I experienced everything I did, do I want to experience it again? No! That I am sure about. I can only live and learn and attempt to not make the same mistakes and if so to react quicker. I can't wait to be on the trails again. TRT50K I will be ready for you!

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