Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Case you didn't Know

In case you didn't know it is scorching hot outside. At least 95 degrees and climbing and it is only noon. Wow!!! The heat that we all were asking for is finally here. I can't believe how quickly the heat came. But let me tell you about last weeks adventures.

In case you didn't know last Wednesday was Captain Kirk day! Just ask Lil Man and he will tell you with fights pumping in the air and a huge smile on his face. It was Happy Kirk Day!!!!! Which also means we had to visit Captain Kirk at Fleet Feet. I picked Lil Man up from pre-school and off to Fleet Feet we went. We ran in there with smiles on our faces and he said hello and waved to everyone he saw. And then when Captain Kirk came out, he yelled "Happy Kirk day!!!!" and the entire store laughed as this statement was very random and was also followed by "Happy Kirk father's day" He was learning about father's day at pre school and well that sort of slipped out. But again the entire store laughed. 

Captain Kirk this song is for you!

Not only was Captain Kirk there but also Wonder Woman and he made sure to show her how fast he could run. He also put on a rolling demonstration on the foam roller. In case any of you need assistance he is a pro at it especially on how to roll the belly area. He also showed everyone how to use the massager that he desperately wanted me to buy him and he showed me how to stretch my calf. Pretty impressive for a three year old. I secretly think that Lil Mans favorite thing about Fleet Feet besides how they treat him like a celebrity and he can walk in the back room any time he likes and he acts like he owns the place is the gum he gets from Captain Kirk. He asked me one day that he wanted to go to Fleet Feet so he could get a piece of gum. Pretty smart kid. Before we left he had to clean his feet on the door mat out front which caused Wonder Woman to laugh and then he planted the biggest kiss on the front glass door I have ever seen. I bet his face impression is still there!

Not only does Lil Man ask to go Fleet Feet but he is also in love with Trail dog, and who wouldn't be after seeing this....

This is where I find Trail dog as I am getting ready to go for a long run

Lil Mans hand on Trail dog

We visited Fleet Feet on Wednesday and by this time I hadn't put any sort of miles in. After my big week the week before my legs were fatigued. I headed out on Thursday for a 14 mile run. But not just any 14 mile run. I tested myself once again by running from the Overlook to Cool and back. I tested my legs on the ascents. I pushed myself to keep pumping and not to power hike because I know Tahoe is going to be tough. I can tell my legs are getting stronger because I ran to Cool in 1.5hours and the return trip which has more ascents and is more challenging I made it back in 1.5 hours. My legs after Thursday's run were fatigued and I still had to work through the weekend.

 I did manage to get in 6 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. It was after work and it was hot outside. I think the most annoying thing that happened on both of those runs was the dang ice cream truck kept following me and all I heard over and over again was the ice cream song. I couldn't run any faster because I was tired and if I let him pass I would still hear the music. Eventually after 2 miles of ice cream music I lost him.

Tahoe Rim is right around the corner for me and because of the way my work schedule is, it is making it tough to get a good last long run in. This weekend is pretty busy as it is Western States and I will be volunteering at the Fleet Feet Aid Station near mile 99 of 100 and I am really looking forward to giving back to my sport.

Next weekend I work and then it is time to taper for TRT. So my last long run could be this Thursday or next Thursday if I can get it in. Either way TRT isn't my Target race and it will be fun to be back on that course and to see if I can do better then last year. My expectations are not too high but I do have some. But I have plenty of time to think about TRT in the weeks to come for now I am going to recover my legs and enjoy States this weekend from the side line, but who knows maybe next year I will be running it.

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  1. I totally see WS 100 in the near future for you! BTW, lovin the pics of Trail dog + Lil man--what buds. Hope to see you at Robie Point.