Monday, June 13, 2011

Pool is open and Fun at Fleet Feet

Late last week my brother's pool was official opened for the summer, or I should say for the next few weeks since he and his wife will be moving to DC at the end of June. What better way to kick off summer then with a pool party.

Lil Man is already to go!

Have to test the water first

Mouse and Jack head on in, they dont' know what Lil Man is waiting for. Did I forget to mention it was a pool party for the dogs too. It kind of looks like Jack is giving Mouse a nudge!

And they are off! Mouse as you can tell by the splashes is very graceful in the water.

Max the "oldest" is like a U boat in the water. Very slow but a pup at heart.

Go Jack nice jump!

Ohh how cute, look how calm Mouse is

The dogs had a blast celebrating the opening day of the pool

Not only was the pool open, but Lil Man and I made a trip to the Roseville Fleet Feet Store. They had the Brooks bus of Curiosity there and some awesome prizes and treats. 

Getting his first sweet, and he won a t-shirt!

Enjoying the cookie!

Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman with Lil Man! How Cute are they?

Taking a look at the awesome bus, and just a small foot note but the balloon never made it home. It got out of the car while I was putting everything away. Lil Man was quick to tell me that I needed to hold on to the string tightly and not let go. Sorry Lil Man :(

But his all time favorite activity was being the Popcorn Master and watching the popcorn pop.

We had a great time enjoying the bus and all it's wonders it had to show us. Lil Man's favorite part was the bus! He is in fact wearing the t-shirt he won now! Thank you Fleet Feet for hosting such a great event. Lil Man is still talking about it. 

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  1. One of the little things in life that makes me happy...seeing a dripping wet dog smiling from swimming. Looks like everyone had fun! Finally...summer!!