Saturday, June 11, 2011

A run with Miss P. or maybe not

This morning I met Miss P. at Cavitt and we decided on running 14 maybe 16 miles depending on how we felt out there. Miss P. has a half marathon next weekend! I am training for Tahoe Rim Trail 50k in July. We headed out on this bright and crisp morning, it was a bit cool at the start and I was second guessing my no sleeve shirt I was wearing.

We hit Cavitt road and just rolled with it, we were talking and catching each other up on what had been going on since the last time we ran/saw each other. Cavitt today heading out was pretty enjoyable, but I had forgotten how much of the fire road there is, I really just wanted to be on the single track trail. We hit the single track and I took the lead or Miss P. let me take the lead so that I was on snake look out. Pretty cleaver on her part, I didn't figure it out for a few feet.

Once at Granite Bay I had to stop and use the restroom. I was holding until this spot because I didn't want to have to go off trail. We cruised into twin rocks and I made a casual comment that I didnt' realize that we could still park our cars at twin rocks. I thought they were closing it down.

Miss P. was in the lead and tackled twin rocks like she owned it and the next thing I knew was, she was out of sight. I figured I would eventual see her again and if not we had decided to run 7 out and turn around.

I ran my own pace and enjoyed my time on the trail. I arrived at the photo spot, only Miss P. wasn't here. Maybe she had continued on, so I continued on knowing I would see her at the turn around. But before I left the photo spot I called out her name just in case she was "off trail." Nothing but silence.

I made my way through the "grinder" the technical part of the trail, where it is really hard to get any rhythm. I knew soon enough though I would be hitting the turn around. Sure enough I did, only Miss P. wasn't there. That's odd, how could I have missed her it is an out and back and I know for sure she didn't pass me on the trail, and I know I didn't pass. I called her name and the only sound I heard was a guy's voice. Two trail runners had just come from Rattlesnake and they told me the only person they saw on the trail was a lady and her dog. I thanked them and told them Miss P. knew the trail I probably just missed her. Still very odd.

I kept seeing a ton of these

Since she wasn't at mile 7 and we had talked vaguely about doing 16 I ran on to mile 8 just in case she had gone off trail and the two trail runners didn't notice. Nope no one at mile 8 or in between. Really starting to concern me. I just don't know where I missed her, unless.......

I hustled back in making my way through the "grinder". Still no Miss P. I hit the mile 9 on the return and still no Miss P. I continued on hoping I would run into her on the return. I arrived at the photo spot and still no Miss P.Where could she be.

I made it back to Granite bay and no sign of her, I was on Cavitt fire road and only had 2 miles to go. I really hope she is back at her car. I arrived in the parking lot at Cavitt school and who do I find but Miss P. Miss P. is OK, she had taken "a different trail" and only run 13 miles.

Here she is

I am glad that everyone made it back in in one piece and I even laughed a little afterward probably because the stress of not knowing had built up inside. Overall I tackled the rolling hills and pushed my legs to keep running. By the time I got back in my stomach was growling at me so I probably should have eaten more solid food. My legs were a bit stiff the last 2 miles but this is also my high mileage week with 42 miles so far and a 14 mile trail to Cool tomorrow.

I am liking how my legs are reacting to the hill training and I will continue to hit Pennsylvania Ave. at least once a week when I am off on the weekend and probably 2 times a week when I have to work weekends. It is helping me with my confidence on the hills as I will be needing it during TRT.

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  1. Thanks for not throwing me too far under the bus! I just thought of another reason for letting you take the I don't stray off and explore other trails.
    I enjoyed catching up with you & hope you will allow me to redeem myself!