Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been pretty hectic especially at work. It has been nonstop action, high stress, go go go time. There was an unannounced visit at work on Monday, which lasted a good 2.5 hours with a walk through the various departments at the store and a recap of our wins and opportunities. It seems the Logistics opportunity is cleanliness in the back room. Yup, there are a few problem areas of the back room that clutter builds up, no matter how diligent I am in following up. It is embarrassing when that happens. But on a good note, my operational numbers are high which is great and I have been sent out to two different stores to help them “clean” up their back rooms. Not bad! But, I had a lot on my plate that day which I didn’t get to complete as I really didn’t want to spend more than 10 hours that day working.

Tuesday we had a general merchandise trailer and on top of that, our normal P-Fresh trailer (fresh produce, dairy, meat and freezer product). The bad news being it arrived around 6:00 am when normally it arrives at 5:00. The P-Fresh trailer had been delayed. I immediately got my team moving to unload the 7 pallets. When I went to get my 2 freezer pallets one of the pallets had fallen over. I asked the driver what happened? He responded “I thought I heard something when I went around the corner.” I am not a rocket scientist, but wouldn’t it have been better to place the pallets side by side to avoid this situation. He had the pallets lined up all on the left side of the trailer. I challenged him on that because it was going to take time for my team and I to restack the fallen pallet. He didn’t’ understand, he was already running later than usual and now I have to restack a pallet. He said he would restack it but at this point I just needed my product so that I could get it pushed before my team left in an hour or so. Plus I still had some general merchandise to finish up. Long story short, we finished everything though it was a bit later then when we usually finish it, but it was done 100% and the floor was full and impactful. I also had 8 interviews scheduled which took a good 2 hours to complete. Not what I really wanted to do for 2 hours.

Wednesday was just as busy and again I didn’t get everything completed as I needed too. I had to postpone a meeting with my boss as I wasn’t prepared and I explained it to him that I have been slammed the past few days. He understood and rescheduled my meeting, which I am grateful for.

I haven’t been running as much this week. I have a few aches and pains, which is normal I guess. My back has been causing me some pain. It is the middle of my back and the pain shoots straight through to the front of my chest and causes me to lose my breath sometimes. I am having trouble sleeping because my back feels like something is catching and won’t release. I am not sure if I tweaked my back when I fell on Saturday or if it is stress related. Either way I haven’t wanted to run because of it. I thought a few extra days would do my body some good. My hand, well the swelling is going down each day. Each day I am able to move and bend the fingers and each day the pain is getting more manageable. It is healing, I have been buddy taping it while I am at work so that it can heal and have a bit of protection as I use my hands a lot at work. I can almost make a fist, but when I do it still hurts. My fingers still feel weak but glad the swelling is going down.
Today though, I did head out for a run. It was 6 easy miles, running how my body felt. It took a bit for my back to become comfortable but once it did I didn’t notice it. I have race next Sunday Run On The Sly 50k. So this week I guess is suppose to be my taper, even though I haven’t been logging many miles since Tahoe Rim Trail 50k back on July 16. I could race this race if I wanted to, or I could just use it as a training run for the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run 50 mile on September 24. I haven’t entirely decided want I want to do; I still have time to decide. Right?

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