Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lil Man and Fleet Feet

Today after work was Meme time with Lil Man. I had the honor of picking him up from preschool. Once I arrived and rounded the corner he was already running to me and jumping into my arms. It was almost as if he knew it was me. He gave me the biggest hug and he couldn’t wait for our special day to begin.

Our first stop of course was Fleet Feet. We wanted to check out the new renovations that have been taking place. Let me tell you the store looks awesome. It is a totally different store visually stunning. If you haven’t checked it out you need to head over there, it looks awesome.

This is where all the cool kids put their Fleet Feet Stickers

His collection

After the tour of the new and improved Fleet Feet Fair Oaks store both Lil man and chit chatted with the staff, who have become very fond of Lil Man. When he walks in everyone says hi to him and he enjoys it. He gets a huge smile on his face and he is even getting braver in the store. This time around I didn’t have to go to Captain Kirk’s office with him he went all by himself. He even explored the back room as he was looking for the exercise balls he uses to do his arm exercises.

During today’s visit there was almost a minor situation as in my shoes that were ordered last week might have been sold. I knew that I couldn’t take 1 more week in the shoes I was in, but Captain Kirk came to the rescue and found them in the back room. Thank You Captain Kirk, I almost had to buy the shoes with pink on them.  Lil Man of course was paying really close attention to the conversation and had no problem telling Captain Kirk “you messed up Meme’s shoes” and once Captain Kirk told Lil Man he fixed everything Lil Man said “You fixed everything!” In the long run I have my shoes, Lil Man challenged Captain Kirk, and Captain Kirk saved the day!

Before we left Lil Man was given a present.
Bringing the present home

Getting ready to unwrap the present

If you remember he is in charge of store operations, basically it is his job to inspect the store for any outstanding violations i.e.; the door mat needs to be outside, shoes in the back room need to be put away, ECT…you know things everyone notices. (Not really everyone) Today since there is a new door mat he was allowed to take the old door mat home. But before we could bring home he needed to vacuum it. Then it was rolled up and placed in the back of my car. What a special day, I mean it is not every day that you get an awesome Fleet Feet door mat. Do you have one?

Once we arrived home we had to put the mat in its place and what better place then to designate a spot in the garage as his parking space for his buzz light-year bike.

Parking his bike

Yup looks good Meme

 After that it was time to get ready for swim lessons.

"Meme I am ready"

Off to swim lessons we go:
-Swim suit on-check

- sunglasses-check

-chocolate milk-check
-book for car ride-check.
He was set. He did awesome at swim lessons, his 15 minute lesson actually ended up being 25 minutes. He showed me how he could blow bubbles, hold his breath, roll over, swim arm over arm splashing in the water. He swam the entire length of the pool rolling over on his back to catch his breath. Pretty impressive for a three year old.

Keeping entertained

All in all it was a great day with Lil Man. He had exceptional listening skills today and was a little gentleman. I always enjoy my special time with him and today was really special.

This is where I am sure Traildog is spending his time while I am away

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