Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Enough Calories

I have been back to work now a full 7 days. The first few days my sleep cycle was totally non existent or I should say I was no where to be found. I was so tired and exhausted from returning to work all I could do was sit. Now let me remind you that I am on my feet for a good 9 hours a shift give or take a very quick sit down break like maybe 5 minutes if I am lucky. My body is tired from the day and also still trying to adjust to getting to sleeping at a weird hour.

With that I haven't run that much. The last run I did was on Friday and it was only 6 miles. My legs last week weren't feeling "right." They felt tired, loaded up, dead, heavy the list goes on. I thought it best to rest a few a days and see if that helped. I rested after work of course all weekend and again on Monday. Today Tuesday after work I decided I should get some miles in. I mean I do have a race in August and then my 50 miler in September.

I did do some thinking while I was resting, and I thought that maybe just maybe my legs were feeling this way because of lack of calories. Maybe I am not eating enough. I eat a bowl of cereal with some fruit in the morning, glass of water and my coffee. But recently I am finding myself starving just 3 hours into my shift. I do a lot of brisk walking at work, some lifting and pushing of tubs and flat beds, pulling of pallets, and the occasional climb up a ladder. But 3 hours in and I am starving. My stomach is growling at me and demanding some food.

The next time I eat is usually a handful of pretzels or goldfish and that is maybe 7 hours into my shift, I deny the initial hunger early on. If I remember I might have had a sip of water, even though my water cup is sitting on my desk in plain sight, but I don't always walk to my desk. I usually get some real food in me when I get home. That consist of a cheese stick, followed by a sandwich and then some water and then I might run and play with Lil Man and head to bed. So probably not enough calories for what I need my body to do.

Going forward I need to eat a heartier breakfast, maybe throw in a bagel with peanut butter. I could even take that to work to snack on a few hours in. I also need to do a better job at packing more food to eat. Today I managed to eat a chicken salad sandwich, and a breakfast bowl which had eggs and bacon and potatoes. When I got home after running this afternoon I enjoyed some fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and chicken. A little bit better, but I need to find consistency with my calorie intake. I need more calories, that way I wont be craving the junk food which I try to avoid and maybe I wont feel so tired and irritable. Hmm what a concept.

Lil Man has missed the past few days as I am house sitting for some friends. I did head over there after work today, I ran 6 miles cleaned up and waited for Lil Man to come from pre-school. He told his mommy when he saw my car "Meme is home from the other house." I find it cute that he remembered where I was. I also learned that Traildog has not been very good. My brother in law just put in a new drop system and Traildog was caught chewing on it. Not a good boy.

Tomorrow is Meme day with Lil Man. I get to pick him up from pre-school and spend some quality time with him. I even get to take him to swim lessons and I am sure a trip to Fleet Feet will be made. I can't wait, he even remembered when I came over for a short visit today.

Anybody else struggle with getting enough calories?


  1. Most people eat every two to three hours and they are not training for an ultra. You definitely need to consume more (quality) calories and water. Especially if you are going to battle the heat of the SNER.

    Let me know when you are on a low mileage or taper period. I might like to tag along but am only capable of about 3 to 5 miles right now and painfully slow at that.

  2. I struggle to eat enough calories during the summer months. Its just so darn hot that I don't feel like eating. But I try to eat something every couple of hours even if it just a handful of trailmix or a piece of fruit.