Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Remodel For Me, Sort Of

The past week and half I have been pulling double duty with my job. I have been "volunteered" to help out a remodel store. If you remember last year I did the remodel at my store and was asked to do the remodel at another store and with some hesitation I said “Um, No Thank You.” But as fate would have it I am being “farmed” out as my team likes to call it for daily field trips to the remodel store.
What am I doing there, you might be wondering?
I am fixing the back room. The back room which was supposed to be completed in weeks 1-4 and they are now in week 6 of a 13 week remodel. The first day it wasn’t that bad, just helping them get caught up on the overabundance of back stock. Then I was asked to return to set up the metro racking for the P-Fresh coolers and freezers and dry room. A task that is very complex, especially when I don’t get a map, any profiles. I was just told to set up the metro racking. I spent a good solid 4 hours trying to untangle and get my brain function on remodel mode. Once I was able to get all my tools, the back room map from remodel, metro racking profiles, and my team ready it took about 4 hours to actually complete this task and move the racks into their respected rooms. Not a small or quick task to complete. It is very detailed oriented as it needs to be per the map.

Once I completed this project and printed reports and helped complete more back stock I thought I was done. Nope, I was volunteered to head over after my process is completed with “A” my team and really fix their back room. Can I just say it is very stressful having to push myself and my team to complete 160 hours of work load in just 4 hours so we can have time to really get things done over at the other store. It is challenging needless to say.
This week I really dived in and helped them problem solve some key issues. The first being they are really heavy in the back room with freight while the floor is light. I have a plan we are going to work on Friday of this week which will hopefully fill the departments that are 100% set. My list of things to do is rather large and overwhelming at times, but I only have so much time in the day to get it all completed. But with some of the suggestions hopefully going forward there won’t be any more issues on the floor and I can really just concentrate on re-organizing their back room and making it more efficient for their team. That is my ultimate goal, to give them a back room that I would want, one that is productive and easier for team members to navigate. I do have a lot of detail work to complete but I am hoping to have that completed once their back room empties out.
With me being so busy by the time I get home from my double duty I am completely wiped out. I have found myself forgetting to eat because once the creativity flows it is hard to stop for fear of losing that thought. I haven’t been running much, I guess it is a good thing it is my taper week. But I might be tapering a bit to much. I will be heading out this morning for a run around the block to shack the legs out and I have plans on Saturday to meet up with Trailmomma for a nice run at Cavitt. I haven’t run with Trailmomma in a long time. It will be good to catch up. Ironically I think the last time we really ran together was during my previous remodel, and now that we are getting together I am helping out in another remodel. Run On The Sly is on Sunday, I really don’t have a goal in mind. What am I saying I do. I have never seen the course so my goal could be totally off or right on. My past few races I have been spot on with my times give or take 15 minutes. I want to have fun out there and run a smart race as well.

Check back later for my goal time!

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  1. Your company must think very highly of the last remodel job you did, to pull you into double duty now. And it sounds like you've got everything under control, too.

    Good luck on your race this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it goes.