Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini Break

I am officially on a mini vacation! What do I do on a mini vacation? I sign up for a 50k, Run On The Sly. The race is held on a Sunday which is different for me as I am use to ultra races being on a Saturday. The other different thing about this race is Coach Nikon isn’t racing as he is preparing for Rio Del Lago 100 mile race. Most of you know that I am routine oriented. I thrive on routine.

My previous races I have always stayed the night at Coach Nikon’s house, I sleep on the couch or we car camp like we did for Tahoe Rim trail. I am always the first to rise and I typically do that without an alarm. We car pool to the races together and we wait for each other to finish. Well, I should say he waits for me as he is much faster and a more experienced runner than me.
I am branching out of my normal routine and forging where I have never been before. But who knows maybe Coach Nikon will make his way up to Fresh Pond. I won’t be alone at this race, a huge group from the Fleet Feet Ultra Running Training Program is going to be there including Garmin who will be running his first ultra in over a year. Also there will be some of my new friends I have made while out running. So it should be a great day.

Run On The Sly has a lot of options, a 12k, a half marathon, a 20 miler, and the 50k. I am doing the 50k. I thought it would be a good training run for me in preparation for Sierra Nevada 50 miler in September. This also gives me a chance to get a long run in that is fully stocked and supported. With my hectic work schedule my long runs have been sporadic sometime falling on a Thursday or every other Saturday. I knew I needed to get a quality long run in before Rio as I will be pacingCoach Nikon for the last 35 miles of his 100 mile run.
Run On The Sly is a perfect opportunity for me to test myself. I still haven’t really figured out my goal time, but I plan on running how my body feels and if all is right pushing myself a bit more then I usually do.

Today I am meeting up with Trailmomma, for a nice and easy run to help stretch my legs out and to also catch up since it has been a long time since we have seen each other. What do I have planned for the rest of my mini vacation? Not much, some drinks planned with some friends after the race on Sunday and a BBQ the following weekend. I am really looking forward to the fact that I do not have to work at two stores and I actually get to relax in a stress free environment.
Good luck to everyone who is running Run On The Sly, and I will see you out there.

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