Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy Week

This week has been crazy busy for me. At work we are wrapping up week 7 of our remodel, my how the time has flown by. It is also a critical planning week with sensitive time frames. If a due date is missed it will impact numerous contractors not to mention my team. It has been stress full, but the good news is our temporary coolers and freezers have arrived on time, and come Monday night we move into them. As my team is moving out of the other freezers and coolers the "wall" is going up so that construction can work on the P Fresh area. All very exciting, but stressful.

Also this past week I have been on jury duty. Now I can't talk much about it besides I reported on Thursday morning. This means I had to leave the remodel project during this critical planning phase. While at jury duty I would check my phone text messages and while on lunch I had to figure out the major dilemma we ran into. Which is pretty hard when I don't have my map. But my team is great and helped out but I wish I was at work dealing with those issues so they wouldn't have to. As the day wrapped up, my jury group was instructed to report back on Tuesday morning. Yup I am still on jury duty. Friday there is no court and Monday is a holiday.

After jury duty I headed home in rush hour traffic, something I am not use to as my commute is 10 minutes but coming from down town it took me about 45 min. Once home I quickly changed out of my red and khaki and into shorts and a t-shirt and headed back into work to check on some things and work on the plan for the overnight crew.

My day on Thursday began with me waking up an 2:45am and working from 4am-7am, then jury duty all day, then back to work. I finally got home around 9pm. I was exhausted only to have to be back at work 4 the next day. I didn't make it by 4am but I arrived a little after 5am. Long day.

Next week I have no idea how things are going to go for me. How long jury duty will last or how many obstacles I will have to work through. I love challenges but this challenge may be a bit to big for me. I don't know if I can work 14 hours 5 days a week if I am on jury duty. That would be the case because as a remodel executive their is no one else in my building up to speed on the current moves. Thank goodness I only 6 more weeks left until this remodel is completed.

With my hectic week I have only managed to log 6 miles in running and that was back on Tuesday. It is Saturday and I haven't run in 4 days. I was suppose to run 12 miles today on the trails with my pacer and tomorrow was my big long run of 30 miles. I don't think it would be a good idea to run 30 miles tomorrow especially after yesterdays high fever, chills and over all achenes. My fever has broken, but I haven't been able to eat anything since yesterday morning, my body is still very achy and when I am up for extended periods of time (5 min) my head pounds and all I want to do is sleep. I only have 3 weeks left until my next race the Sierra Nevada Double. If all else falls this weekend I most likely can get a 30 mile run in next weekend and then taper the following week. Busy, busy, busy......


  1. Hang in there. Better to have this fever and sickies now instead of 3 weeks from now right? Try not to get too wrapped up in juggling work and jury duty and putting all that stress and responsibility on yourself. Too much on your plate isn't good before a 52 mile race. :-)

    Rest up. See you Tuesday.

  2. It seems that you are very busy, anyway great post there, keep it up.