Friday, September 24, 2010

This is It

It has been one hectic week, but it seems that all my weeks right now are like. The last 4 weeks are pretty darn stress full during a remodel. I mean just looking at the remaining schedule makes me panic for a second. There is still a ton to do. But it will get done one way or another, it has too.

Earlier this week I met up with pacer and small crew of 2. I went over race day strategy and projected times into the aid stations. Mainly their role is to be a familiar face on the course. My pacer has a big role and that is to help pace me back in after I have run the first 30, only 22.4 more to go.

Needless to say this week I have not done a ton of running. In fact I have only 3 miles in my legs. Those 3 miles were just to keep my legs loose and it was nothing too hard just a nice and easy run.

I also went and a massage from the best-Lily-. We were both surprised that she was even able to work on my back. The past few sessions she couldn't even touch it I was in so much pain. After the massage I had an appointment with Dr. Chu from elite spinal and sports care and he adjusted my rib and helped stretch me out. He worked on my chest as I told him a few days earlier everything was tightening back up.

Then yesterday I headed over to Fleet Feet to pick up a few last minute things. Captain Kirk was there and we chatted for a bit. He told me "You look leaner, you look like a ultra runner." That was the best thing he could have said to boost my confidence. Basically I look fit and I have leaned down, not that I was really bulky before.

Before TRT I have been really watching my diet and being strict with what I eat. I also cheated and did enjoy some not so healthy food choices. I cut out soda, maybe occasionally I would enjoy a Coke, but that was a special treat for me. With the healthier diet and increased mileage I leaned down some. I did notice that my clothes were fitting a bit differently.

Anyways, Captain Kirk also said that I was ready, the training was there and I was ready. Ok huge sigh of relief. Lily said the same thing a few days ago and trailmomma said it last week. I am ready, I believe it.

Overall it has been busy with work keeping that project moving along and trying not to stress about the race tomorrow. I will staying with Coach Nikon and Lily tonight, it is a pre-race ritual now. I did it for my first marathon back in December of last year, I did it for my first ultra AR50 this past June and also for TRT we car camped at the site. I am a bit superstitious if you couldn't tell.

Looking forward to a solid race and wishing Coach Nikon, Wonder Woman and her fellow Fleet Feet runners a awesome race. Lily good luck tomorrow, wish I could see you run. See everyone at the finish.


  1. Have a great race! It does sound like you are ready.

  2. Goodluck!! I know you will do awesome. I cannot wait to celebrate with you and hear all about it.

  3. Good luck tomorrow, you'll do awesome. I'm doing the marathon, so hopefully I see you before we start, cuz I know I won't ever see you after that point, except maybe when you're passing me on your way back :)

  4. You're gonna do great! Can't wait to see the results...see you out there and at the finish!

  5. You're a badass, plain and simple!