Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoying the Day

This morning when I woke up I was the only one up in the house, so I was really looking forward to some quiet time. Just me and my coffee and of course Toby. As I was getting my coffee ready I walked down the hall way to find Lil Man was wide awake and ready to start his morning. I guess my quiet time will have to be put on hold. So Lil Man joined me and he enjoyed some chocolate milk, spoiled I think not, just loved.

As the rest of the house woke up not too long later Lil Man had a surprise for his mom and dad. He was already out of his PJ's and into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He was ready to start his day. I on the other hand was still in PJ's, we decided that Toby needed a bath. I was already washing my sheets so he defiantly needed to get cleaned up. Lil Man wanted to help.

Lil Man taking photos with my camera

That is how he helped with photos, Thanks Lil Man

After everyone was cleaned up, we headed to the new O'Donnell park by the house before it got to hot out. He enjoyed doing lap after lap after lap. He smiled and waved and stopped for the red lights he created. It was so cute to watch. He was also really fast on his new bike.

There he goes

He even made sound effect...vroom vroom

Last minute parking job

After all of that morning excitement I still had plans to get in a mid afternoon run with a buddy of mine. We met up at 1 pm and it was extremely hot, let me say probably 99 degrees. Hey, little heat training. We only did 8 miles. On the way out though my legs were sluggish, I was fatigued probably due to not being able to run for almost a week and then getting sick over the weekend.

We turned around and on the way back in I found a trail that made it's way down to the water and we jumped in. I was hot, very hot. The water was a bit warm but felt refreshing and gave me a little bit more energy.

Refreshed after jumping in, I wasted no time

It felt good to be on the trails again, I haven't been on them for some time now. Overall for it being my first run on the trails it went better then expected.

When I got home I found Lil Man enjoying his own sort of quiet time with a movie. He was watching Toy Story, right now it is one of his top 5.

Movie time means pop corn

he enjoyed his quiet time

Tomorrow is a big day work in the morning, jury duty, then run with trailmomma, and hopefully the following day all I have is work. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. What's a movie without popcorn?
    Running eight miles in 99 degree weather? I could barely handle 83 the other day. Blech!

  2. I hope your over your sickness. Take it easy, your ready for SNER, don't sweat it, rest up. Have fun at jury duty.