Thursday, September 16, 2010

Traildog and Turkey Patrol

Today has been a tough day at work. It is crunch time with 4 weeks left to complete everything and major deadlines that need to be made in order for it all to happen. Needless to say I was really stressed today especially when after a 10 hour shift for me and a full 8 from my remodel team of 5. It appears that nothing was accomplished today that needed to get accomplished, but it was out of my control.

I just boggles my mind how quickly things can get undone. You see next week construction demos my old freezer and cooler, my new freezer is up and running at -10 but my produce and meat cooler wont start there 100 hr run time until Friday. Which means I can't go in there once that run time starts up. So today I wanted to get my wire metro racking profiled so when the time came I could just move my product from the old to the new.

It didn't happen, not even close. But the good news is there was a snag with construction and things have been put back a few days, but that also means that other things have been put back which is going to create a larger work load near the end of this remodel. It was just a tough day for all parties involved today.

After my stressful day at work where everything wouldn't go my way I headed out for my Thursday night run with Trailmomma. Traildog came along, he wouldn't let me leave the house without him. Traildog wanted to redeem himself on the turkey patrol/protector for trailmomma.  I was unusually quite on this run. I think I was still processing the days events and trying to figure out how to get things done tomorrow.

Relaxing in the car after the run

During this run we only had two turkey incidents, one on the way out. As we were about to crest this tiny hill around 2.5 miles I for some reason stopped which caused trailmomma to pause and as we were standing there we heard this noise. And on the other side the bike path was a Turkey.

I had visions of the previous run and almost started laughing, but then I looked at trailmomma and she was speechless and trying not to scream. We started walking away from the turkey and all was good. I think Traildog gave the turkey a look as we walked past it.

The other incident was on the return at I think the same spot the turkey was crossing the road. All I hear is trailmomma encouraging traildog to get the turkey. So traildog did, he ran that turkey off for trailmomma. Once the coast was clear trailmomma joined us. I know that during my race next Saturday any sort of bird of feather animal I will probably start laughing just because of all our adventures this summer with birds and turkeys.

As we continued on our way traildog needed a drink after the hard work of chasing down turkeys so we stopped at the next fountain. I picked him up and trailmomma held the button for the water and he enjoyed some refreshing water. I am sure it was a interesting sight for the riders on the trail. It is not everyday you see someone lifting a 40lb dog to get water.

Traildog was tired but did great on turkey patrol

This 6 mile run allowed me to clear my head and relax. It is just what I needed this week. I plan on resting tomorrow as I am seeing Dr. Chu from elite spinal and sports care. Saturday or Sunday I plan on running an easy 10 and then next week is race week.But for now I am just enjoying my taper and all the little aches and alignments that come with it. It is amazing how in tune one becomes with their body when the race is right around the corner and every little pain makes me at least stop and think about it.

He is passed out already

So glad tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait to relax this weekend.

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  1. No way, Traildog is passed out ALREADY!???? HA Poor guy. Be sure to thank him for tonight's turkey patrol.

    Pigeon you are so ready for this race. I know at times it may not seem like it, but you're ready. Take each mile as it comes and then let it go. Distract your mind when necessary, hell, think of turkeys and bunnies and crazy cyclists out to get me. :-)

    I look forward to hearing/reading about your taper this week and into next. It has been my pleasure to run with you these past few months. I look forward to more runs when you're healed and able to just enjoy being out there and not training for anything inparticular. NIKE also has me excited.