Friday, September 10, 2010


It is Friday!!! YAY!!!! It has been a long week. I have been on jury duty so that means that my days have started super duper early around 5 am I head to work. Than, at 7am I head downtown to the court house. During my breaks and lunches I am on the phone with my remodel team putting out any small fires that have been created  while I am away and than around 5pm I am heading home. Sometimes I head back to work and other times I quickly change and go for a run. But most days this week I have not been home till well after 7pm. That is a long day in my book.

Luckily on Thursday we the jury were released for two days and I was able to give my attention to work and my remodel team. I only have 5 weeks left until this project is completed. P-Fresh is almost done!

After work, I relaxed until it was time to meet Trailmomma for our usual Thursday evening run.

This time I changed things up and brought as trailmomma introduced him Traildog (my dog Toby.) He was excited to be with me and even more excited to be running with us. As soon as we arrived he was ready to go only I wasn't, and he made everyone aware of his impatience by crying and whining.

Some pictures of traildog when he was really small!

Traildog one month old

he is so cute!

Look at those paws

he still sleeps like that sometimes.

We took off and traildog was setting a great pace and really enjoying his mommy time. It seems these past few weeks with me shuffling jury duty and working I am never home to spend any quality time with him. But what a better way than to have him join me on a run.

At our usual 1.5 miles trailmomma had to use the rest room and I surprised myself and I also had to use the rest room. Traildog did not like the fact that I was leaving him he cried and whimpered. It just about broke my heart. As soon as I came back he was one happy puppy, in fact he almost tugged trailmomma over trying to get to me. Ahhh how cute!!!!!

We did on this run have some excitement, we saw our first snake, a unmarked police car came roaring over the bridge and almost took us out, and then on the way back this time a patrol car came over the bridge with their lights and sirens on. Pretty exciting for a usually calm Thursday evening run. Very curious on what was going on in that area.

Traildog did fantastic, but I might add he did get pretty tired near the end and drooled all over trailmommas legs. Sorry about that.

Traildog one month old!

He was so little

Look how long he is!

He wanted to drive the car after our run!

 I felt pretty good, but my chest was tight once again and I could feel it. I did see Dr. Chu this afternoon. He worked on my ribs, but wasn't able to adjust my rib in my chest because my body was guarding it too much. He is possible considering taping me for my race in a few weeks.

This weekend I am looking forward to running some. Nothing crazy!!!!

Traildog and I would like send a special shout out to Trailmomma!!!! Good Luck on your race this weekend, you will do great!!!!!


  1. Puppies are so damn cute, aren't they?!

  2. Trail Dog is a cutie, both when he was a pup and now!

  3. Awe thanks for the shout out!!!

    Traildog is now a blog hit!! Love it.