Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Traildog to the Rescue

OK so maybe Traildog didn't save Trailmomma on tonight's run but I will give him credit he did try to run the wild turkeys off the trail. How were we suppose to know that a few of them would cross and now we had turkeys on both sides of the trail and that a few would try and fly over us, which froze trailmomma and caused her to cover her ears and scream and almost have a heart attack.

Traildog is sorry, but in his defense he at least attempted this time unlike last time where he just ran by. Next time though for sure he will do it right. Traildog sends his apologies and hopes that trailmomma will forgive him.

I'm Sorry

Maybe I jumped a head of myself here, let me back up a bit. I am officially done with Jury duty the judge released us yesterday after the verdict reading. Let me just say that it was very interesting to see the inner workings of our justice system and the lengths people will go.

Being done with jury duty is one less stresser for me. My remodel project has 4 weeks left, and then I get to go on vacation for 2 weeks. Any suggestions anyone???? I am very excited to be almost done, but it is crunch time and there is no time for errors or lack of forward progress.

In less then 2 weeks the 52.4 mile Sierra Nevada race takes place. I completed my last long run this past Sunday of 30 miles and now I am in full blown taper mode. I am actually looking forward to this taper and going to us this time to focus on relaxing and getting mentally ready.

With that, tonight Traildog and I met trailmomma for our usually 6 mile run. It was a recovery run for both of us as she had just finished the Buffalo Stampede on Sunday and shaved off 3 minutes from last years time. WoW!!! Way to go Trailmomma.

We both just took it easy and I thought I would treat traildog with a nice easy run. I forgot to charge my Garmin but we had run this so much over the past few months I knew where the turn around point was and pace didn't really matter as it was just a run as the body felt like. We both chit chatted away and caught each other up on all the excitement that was going on. Me, with my headquarters visit today from Minneapolis and jury duty and trailmomma with her exciting filled/stressful weekend extravaganza.

It was a really relaxing run up until the wild turkey incident. I am sure though that Traildog will get it right next time. I did have to use the porta potty at our turn around, must have been the water I drank right before I left the house. That is 2 times in a row that I have had to use the restroom, that is so unlike me.

Overall it was a relaxing run a good recovery run and a great way to start off my taper.
He was tired after this run


  1. I just reenacted the whole Turkey Fiasco for Vans and the Peanut. I think Charlie nearly busted a gut laughing so hard. I know he can picture how I would be screaming, covering my head about to crouch down in the fetal position in the middle of the bike trail. Seriously, scared outta me outta my mind tonight!!

    I don't blame traildog at all though. Not his fault he was doing his job he just didn't know that flying turkeys are worse for me than just turkeys off to the side of the road!!

    Thanks for a fun run!