Sunday, September 19, 2010

Better Now Then Next Week

Today's run was not my best 10 miler. In fact I never found my stride. But on the brighter side at least it happened today instead of next week at the race.

I had decided to take yesterday off because I had trouble sleeping and was very sore in the morning. I thought it would be best to let my body rest and relax. I personally found it hard not to be running. I felt lost all day. I had to find something to do to release some of my built up energy.

I made some pumpkin bread, in fact 2 batches. The smell of cinnamon filled the house. I also decided to make some breakfast for the family. I made eggs, cut up some potatoes and asparagus and everyone enjoyed it. Not to mention the warm pumpkin bread.

All in all it was a relaxing day. It did feel weird not to be out running for a few hours but I think I filled my time wisely. I even headed over to Coach Nikon's and Lily's house to enjoy some dinner and a movie. Check out the trailer to the movie we saw. KickAss The music makes the movie it was awesome.

This morning I headed out and met up with some friends. I had planned on only running 10 miles while they had scheduled a 15 mile easy run. It was very cool this morning with a chance of rain. As we started the run I felt just OK. I was having some difficulties breathing, I couldn't catch my breath because my chest hurt. I finally managed to get through this but it took about 3 miles for my chest to loosen up. I did have some shooting pain, but that is normal for me now.

I kept thinking that things would turn around, I kept reminding myself that this was only a easy 10 mile run. With no focus on speed just a run to keep my legs loose. But my legs never loosened up, I definitely had no speed and my thoughts started to turn negative. I really just wanted this run to be over.

At the end of run I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I had finished the run, I told myself I was in one piece, and that it was better to get this crappy run out of the way. Maybe my legs were still loaded up from last weeks 30 miler, luckily I am getting one of Lily's great massages on Wednesday and I am also seeing Dr. Chu. He is going to work on my ribs and tape me up so I will be ready race day. So glad he decided to see my on Wednesday as this will give my body some time to recover, as typically the next day after I see him my body is sore and bruised. It is all worth it though as things are getting better.

I am not going to worry about this run I am going to move forward and focus on the next task at hand. The next task is figuring out my pace for the race, when my crew will be able to expect me and just finalizing the race day things I need.


  1. Glad you rested. You needed it. Next time you find yourself at home, not running and looking for something to do . . . work on a recipe for GLUTEN FREE pumpkin bread please!? :-) Kidding.

    Your crappy 10 miler sounded like my crappy race haha taking it in and letting it go.

    Hang in there. Rest up. You need to be able to breathe to run . . . but the legs will move on their own no matter what.

  2. It could be from your 30 miler last week, huh? Good job getting it done though. ;)