Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleepless Night

Last night I had the hardest time getting any sleep. My nephew didn't want to go sleep so he let everyone know about it. I ended up falling asleep for about 2 hours before I woke up because of the pain I was in. I couldn't move and when I did it hurt. That is how my night went needless to say I only slept for 4 hours maybe before finally giving up around 4 am.

I seriously thought about canceling my little run today. But I also knew that things could start to loosen if I was lucky. So I gave it a go, I gathered my things and headed out the door to meet my friend for an early morning run.

As we took off I told her I might be turning around early I was really stiff, short of breath and every step I took caused pain. This is not good. A couple of times I had to stop as the sharp shooting pain just about dropped me. We only ran 10 miles, I loosened up but I never really found my stride this morning.

The good news is I was seeing Lily today to get one of her fabulous massages. She worked on my sore body. She couldn't work to much on my back though because it was too tender to touch. After her great massage I actually fell asleep on her table. I was tired and for once pretty much pain free. What a great opportunity to get some rest. It is amazing how a some quality sleep can really change my perspective even if it was for an hour.

I have no plans the rest of today besides resting. Tomorrow I have my last long run planned. I will play it by ear though I don't want to stress my body to much.

While I was gone Traildog enjoyed his morning relaxing and playing with Lil Man.

Outside on the table

Can I come mommy?

I missed you!

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