Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just not Feeling It

This morning when I woke up I was in a daze. I had to really focus on what time it was, was I suppose to be at work and if so was I late? I had no clue what day it was. Then slowly but surely it all came together for me. The day was Thursday, and no I do not work on Thursday I am off free to do whatever I felt like. Whew crisis resolved.

 It was 4:30 in the morning and sleeping in felt really good. Yes, I slept in. Typically I wake up at 1am and get ready for my 2:30 am start time at work. Brutal I tell you. This is not early morning  to me, this is still considered graveyard, but yet it wasn’t considered that. My body was tired, it is the first week back to work and every since returning it has been nonstop action, constantly moving snacking on pantry foods “goldfish” because I didn’t have time for a hot meal. And I wonder why I am so tired after my work week or for that matter after my work day. I truly cannot explain how hard it is, you just have to believe me or try it out for yourself one week.

Needless to say I really didn’t feel like a long run would be in my best interest today. It probably would have put too much stress on my body. I almost talked myself out of running again this morning but ultimately decided that a nice early morning run around the neighborhood would be good for me and my legs.

The early morning run was great, I enjoy the crisp fresh air, seeing the neighborhood wake up and head of to work or wherever the day takes them, enjoy seeing sprinklers turning on and off and it’s just me and the road. The humidity this morning was a bit muggy, but the good news was it wasn’t hot like yesterdays run. I figure that on days I work I will attempt to run in the heat and my non working days I will either do my long run or what I did this morning (6 miles).

My legs felt a bit heavy and there was a little twitch in my hamstring which caused me to slow my pace down for fear of pulling something and risking injury. I figure this week I will keep my runs nice and short and plan on a long run next weekend. This will have given my body 3 weeks to rest/recovery from my last race. I know I have a 50k coming up on August 21, but my base has been built and I need to go into that race healthy and also leave that race healthy because the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run will be here before I know it.

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