Friday, July 1, 2011

Western States 100 In Photos

This past weekend was Western States 100. I was Anthony's personnel crew for his pacing duties with Kuni "The Beast". We headed up to Foresthill to support our other friends who were racing and to also be a part of the action. If you have never been at the Foresthill aid station I would highly recommend it. It was a awesome experience. There was a ton of energy flowing, runners coming in and going, and plenty of excitement all day.

Anthony, pointing the way!

Foresthill Aid Station

Fleet Feet Ultra Team Member


First Woman Runner into the aid station

Here comes Eric, he had a awesome race

Weighing in

Meet up with the crew

Anthony putting on chap stick, the things the crew does for it's runner

Here comes Kirk! Awesome Race

Confidence with each step

The Happy Couple

Feet were a little wet, needed to change his socks

Organized Chaos when coming into a aid station

Focused on the task at hand

Almost ready to go

Off to the river crossing. He was in and out within minutes.

After all of this excitement Anthony and I headed down Bath road to meet Kuni. He came around that corner and had the biggest smile on his face. He was also looking strong and powered up Bath Road like he owned it.

Kuni "The Beast"

Anthony checking in

Little help from Lily and his crew and he was good to go.

Off to the river crossing.

After seeing Kuni off I headed home to sleep for 4hours and then I headed back up with Dustin and Michael. We were volunteering at the Fleet Feet aid station which is about 1.3 miles from the finish. Our job was to assist the runners as they came up the hill by refilling their water bottles and giving them whatever they needed. Most wanted new legs. Near the later stages of the day, we were literally doing hill repeats to assist the runners. We kept them moving and on to their goal of finishing.

Here come Kuni still looking good.

James, almost there

Stan, resting for a second and then he was on his way

Fleet Feet Aid Station, every runner that came through earned themselves a buckle that day. A few only had 20 min. to go the 1.3 miles to the finish. What a huge inspiration every single runner was that day. It was amazing to see and words nor pictures could truly describe what I witnessed.


  1. That was a fun and inspiring day. Great race, great company, and a great time! Looking forward to watching you do it next year Melisa...

  2. That sounds like an awesome day! I was at the finish for an hour or so 10-11 a.m. and it was so inspring to see people give everything to finish strong.