Monday, July 11, 2011

A Special Camp Out

This past weekend Lil Man had a special night that his Dad planned for him. First we all headed to the movies to see Cars 2. It was a cute movie, edge of the seat kind of movie for Lil Man. We all enjoyed popcorn while the pre-screening wasn't showing but we could hear it. I was lucky enough to get the entire bag to myself while Mom and Dad and Lil Man shared the tray. Lil Man insisted on sharing with mommy. After the Cars 2 movie we all headed home and Lil Man and Dad were getting ready for a spectacular evening.
Brent had been promising Lil Man he would go camping and it finally happened. A camp out that happened in the backyard. Lil Man came running to my room and told me we were going to sleep in the tent. I of course had no clue what was going on and just thought he was using his imagination and said sure I will sleep in the "tent" with you. Next thing I knew he was having me put my shoes on, he grabbed two pillows one for me and one for him and we hurried to the backyard where I saw the tent. He then grabbed his tiny little lion blanket and told me this blanket was for me. It would barely cover my legs, but I smiled and said OK. He even had Shamu with him, he was all set.

Only the best for Lil Man and his Dad

Once the tent was up it was time to roast some marshmallows and make some S'mores. Americas favorite camping treat. This would be Lil Man's first time enjoying a smore. He even managed to roast his marshmallow, though it did catch on fire and charred the outside.

Learning from the master (his dad)

Reach Lil Man

It's about to catch fire!

Once the construction was complete it was time for his first bite. His first bite was a bit hesitant but once that oozy goodness and chocolaty Graham cracker touched his tongue he was in heaven. He ate the entire smore.
Constructing the perfect s'more

His first bite

He was so excited about his "camping" trip that he was in his PJ well before 8 and off the to the tent he goes. I talked my way out of it because I didn't want to interfere with his daddy's time and the special camping trip. Lil Man lasted until 9:30ish when he told his daddy he was ready to go back inside now.
The best smore and camp out ever

I bet he dreamt about smores that night

The next morning though the first thing Lil Man said once he woke up was when he could camping again. Memories I am sure that will last forever.


  1. So cute! Everyone needs to experience camping in the back yard. I bet he was in heaven with the s'more. I mean, who doesn't love s'mores???

  2. My sister and I used to "camp out" in our yard during the summer-no tent, we slept on cots and loved it! What fun for Lil man.
    BTW-good luck this weekend! I hope you have a great run.