Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today was my last day in Tahoe and as I packed the car up and was getting ready to leave I was a bit sad. I had enjoyed my time in Tahoe with  my nephew Lil Man and my sister. I enjoyed not being on a schedule and just hanging out and doing what ever we pleased. The other day we spent most if not all the day down at the beach bouncing back from the lake to the pool and back to the lake. Lil Man had a lot of fun when I told him I would play in the lake with him. We went into the "deep" end and would "run" out and then run back in laughing the entire time. It is amazing how entertaining this was for us both and I am sure anyone who happened to be watching us.

Spending some time on the dock with his scooter

Making sand castles, which by the way for the record I am not good at, they all collapsed.

Enjoying some time off my feet after TRT 50k

What a view

His laughter says it all, fun had by all.

Running from the top of the hill to the lake

Picking up speed, almost there

Not only did we spend some at the beach, but also at the playground. I ran around playing good guys and bad guys with Lil Man. I even went down the slide after him. It was good to be laughing and playing like a kid again. I will always remember this vacation.

All by himself

he screamed the entire way down, yes I know it is not that big, but he was having fun and so was I.

This trip wasn't without it's bumps and bruises though. For one Lil Man has a nice gash on his chin from where he hit his chin on the coffee table after tumbling off of the couch. The cushions were not on the couch all the way and when he went to get down to get his crayons he fell and knocked his chin on the table. There was blood everywhere, but like a true trooper he cried a little and then calmed down and once everything was under control he enjoyed a fruit snack. I thought for sure we were going to be making our way to the ER on that fall.

He is really working it, post accident all cleaned up and in some new clothes and enjoying his fruit snack.

On last memory before leaving

Until next time, and I can't wait to get back. Hmm Maybe in August or September or maybe October?

We all had a great time on this trip. Now it is time to get back to training, eating healthier, and focusing on my next race. I am running Run on the Sly 50k as a training run for my Redemption race in September, Sierra Nevada 50 Miler. Last year I was a DNF my first DNF and this time around I don't want that to happen. I am healthier (right now) fitter and have more experience, but I am still nervous about this race too many interesting memories. Time to Focus!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation! I've always believed it's better to spend money on experiences and memories then possessions, I think Lil Man, your Sister and you will treasure this vacation for years to come!