Friday, July 15, 2011

Excited for Tahoe Rim Trail 50k

The time is finally here TRT 50k is tomorrow. Now if you were to ask me back in May if I was excited for this race I would have told you yes, but deep down inside during the Month of May and part of June I was not really looking forward to it. I started second guessing why I signed up and if I really wanted to do this race. But as time went on and I continued training things on the inside took a turn. I started getting excited about this race.

I began looking at things in a new eye with a new attitude. I dived into last year race report and what I went through, if you remember I had a very tough race. I threw up twice the first time being at mile 9 and then again at mile 15ish or so. My fueling was off most of the day and the only glimmer of hope I had was when I saw my amazing friends and personal Fleet Feet Crew of Three during the race and at the finish. They helped me pull it together. The one thing I can say about last years race is I never gave up, I kept moving forward I kept digging deep and I finished.

I also looked at my time for last year and the competitiveness came out. I wonder if I could do better this year and if so by how much? That competitive drive came out and I trained even harder. I did hill repeats, I pushed myself to run/jog up the hills I would otherwise power hike and soon enough my legs were getting stronger, my confidence grew and the excitement built up inside.

Today if you were to ask me that same question, the answer with all of my heart would be yes, I can't wait to run tomorrow. I can't wait to get to the starting line and see what I can do. My taper over the past few weeks has been good, I went through the usually taper crazies, legs misfiring when running the twitches, the short temper that comes with it the need to run longer but holding back.

But then a beautiful thing happened on my last run which was yesterday. Everything feel into place. There was a sense of calmness, my mind for the first time was rested and in the moment and not thousands of miles away, my legs were firing on all cylinders, there were no twitches or pain coming from my body. I was totally at peace I was ready for what ever TRT had to bring me. My goal for this race is to run it anywhere from 7-8 hours, but looking for a 7:30 finish. Considering the terrain, elevation that is a doable goal.

I am ready and can't wait to let it go on the beautiful single track trails in Tahoe.


  1. Run well and good luck! Can't wait to see your race report.