Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Epic Run Promised and Delivered

Last night Power girl sent me a text message about meeting up at the Overlook for a run with Captain Kirk, Wonder Woman and Dustin (hmm I need a nickname for him). The plan was, for me a nice and easy pace about 8 miles or so. I jumped at this opportunity as running by myself was getting pretty lonely.

Once at the overlook this morning I learned that Captain Kirk had a epic run planned for us. I quickly chimed in that I was planning on doing 8 miles or so. He totally understood and was glad with the fact that that was all I was doing. For our epic run we would be running on some new trails up towards the Foresthill bridge. Sounds like fun, I am always up for a new trail.

Off we went but even before we got going there was a huge group of workers/volunteers/fire fighters working the trail that takes us to Cool. I could hear chain saws buzzing, saw people standing around we even saw a tree hit one of the workers. Finally they let us pass, but still the chainsaws were buzzing. I am surprised that we didn't end up getting hit by a falling tree. We must have missed the sign that said the trail was closed, but then again I don't think we ever saw a sign nor did anyone else we ran into on the trail today.

cutting down trees

Watching the trees be cut

Immediately this run was already pretty epic. We made our way down to the fire road and the single track trail and then the fire road again. It is always interesting when you hear your fearless leader say "Now, I was told there a was trail just off to the left somewhere that will take us up to the highway crossing." Ummm Captain Kirk you mean to tell me you heard about this trail and aren't even sure where it is?
Looking Good you four

OK, we all just laughed and soon enough we were stopped just a bit shy before you hit the waterfall. Captain Kirk said he thinks this is the trail, but when I looked at it, it honestly just looked like a game trail, or even a runoff trail. But we all went single file...Captain Kirk took the lead, followed by Wonder Woman, Power Girl then Dustin and I took up the rear.

I think this is the way

Wonder Women said "This looks like a trail where we would see rattlesnakes." The trail was overgrown with tall brush. I said "If we pass a rattlesnake it will probably strike me since I am last", but Power Girl quickly reassured that it would strike her as she was third. The saying goes something like this.....The first runner usually startles the rattlesnake, the second runner pisses it off and the third runner gets bitten because the snake is pissed off so I would be OK because I was last in the line. Good information to know, so note to self I will never be the third runner. I am guessing the first runner is the spot to be.
still climbing

Up this "single track" trail we go. It is getting steeper and steeper, I end up power hiking it as I didn't want to blow up my legs. Up and up we go, until the green gate where we get to cross the highway. Captain Kirk had flown up this monster, you would never have guessed that he ran States a few weeks ago. I arrived and we cautiously crossed the road. We continued hiking and came upon a huge line of port a potties. So many we each could have our own times 3.

Port a potty anyone?

Soon the single track meets up and we are on our way to Stagecoach. It is a very beautiful trail. Covered in most areas, very fast down hill sections, very smooth but at times a bit technical but overall a very awesome trail. We even crossed a little wobbly bridge. We arrived at our turn around spot and had a brief photo session as we could see No hands bridge way down below us, we could see the trail leading to K2, and we saw the Foresthill bridge. A very pretty sight, but I didn't realize how high we had climbed.

No Hands Bridge way down there, can you see K2?

The road to Cool

Can you see Foresthill bridge?

Captain Kirk and Dustin and I turned around while Power Girl and Wonder Woman continued on stagecoach. Wonder Woman is running in a trail marathon in a few weeks and needed more miles then us.
Still smiling :)

A good day on the trails

Captain Kirk enjoying his day on the trails

Power Girl and Wonder Woman ready to keep on running

On the return we power hiked most if not all the hills. I enjoyed the company of my fellow trail runners on the trail and even spent some time sight seeing, which I normally don't do during a training run but since I am in taper mode I enjoyed the views today.

But of course we did have some excitement on the return trip, I was in the lead with Captain Kirk right behind me, I immediately stop and put my arms out so he can't pass, he immediately grabs my hydration pack ready to pull me back. He didn't know why I had stopped so suddenly he was ready to rescue me from a rattlesnake only it wasn't a rattlesnake it was huge deer crossing the trail and bonding up the trial. Now in my experience where there is one deer there are more to follow, I didn't want to be in the middle of the rest of the deer who were crossing the trail.

Wood chipper cutting up the trees into tiny pieces

Long day on trails for this group

Once back at the overlook we met up with Dustin who was in the canal. I joined him and iced my legs down.

 My body wasn't feeling terrible it was feeling like it should during a taper at times my legs felt a little funky, but most of the time my legs were feeling really strong. I took my time on the climbs out per Captain Kirks advice. I ended up taking one s-cap and pretty much drinking my entire hydration pack on the run today. It was bit warm out there. I am excited about TRT in a week and can't wait to be racing as this taper is making me a little ancy. Captain Kirk told me that I am looking really strong which coming from him is very reassuring. All in all I had a great time on the trails today with some great friends.

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