Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going Taper Crazy

This week is my taper week. So far I have logged 12 miles. 2 six mile early morning runs. During these early morning runs though I wasn't by myself. I brought a friend. Or I should say he invited himself and wouldn't take no for an answer.

This way mommy

Traildog post run

Traildog hadn't been out for a run in awhile due to the fact that when I typically go running it is mid day and has been scorching hot. So since I was running rather early 5:30am I thought he would enjoy some early morning exercise and also the fact that he gets to be with his mommy. Traildog did a pretty good job, though he did try and trip me when we first started but soon enough he found his pace and he also found his place which is on the right hand side of me running next to me not in front nor behind. This makes it a bit easier to control him if he gets a sudden urge to chase a squirrel or try and take off because he wants to go faster. Little does he know that this is a six mile run and he needs to conserve his energy.

After our run he of course is down for the count the rest of the day. He enjoys following me from room to room, chair to bed back to the restroom and back to the couch. You see he is a mommies boy and gets very anxious if he is not in the same room with me, in fact he gets anxious if he isn't touching me in some sort of way. He is my little boy and my protector and I love him for his dedication and devotion. If I am in another room all I have to do is whistle our special tune and he comes flying down the hall way barreling through whatever or whoever is in is way. He has even knocked Lil Man over just to get to me.

Traildog and I do have on thing we both fight over, the bed. I prefer to sleep on the left side and so does he. He will literally race me to the spot and plop down before I can. He is also very muscular and hard to move once he is comfortable for bed. There have been times when I was initially on the left side and I have woken up to find myself on the right side while he is enjoying "the spot" how he managed to get it I will never know. He must have some magic power over it because recently it has been happening every night. What do I do, I just chuckle and fall back asleep and sometimes I will reclaim "the spot"

See even as I type he is in the spot.

Traildog is very loyal and he is also very loyal to Lil Man. Anytime Lil Man comes home Traildog is one of the first to greet him with kisses and high paws. If Lil Man is sleeping Traildog will ever so quietly ease into his room to check on him. He is making sure Lil Man is OK and sometimes I find Traildog snuggling with Lil Man.

Traildog this morning snuggling with Lil Man

Taken a few months ago

Some more pictures of Traildog and Lil Man snuggling.

At least a year ago, because of the pacifier. Sweet Kisses

This is my favorite one. Hugging on Traildog.

Traildog is well loved in this house. Lil Man ask for Traildog and loves to give him treats. It is cute to watch the two of them run around the house together and play. It is almost like having 2 three year old instead of just Lil Man.

This morning before Lil Man left for pre school he wanted his hair a special way. Who am I too say no.

"Sharp" as Lil Man likes to call it.

I don't know where he gets it from. 

He was more into his animal cracker then the actual picture!

This taper must really be going to my head! Anyways, this afternoon Lil Man and I have special plans to head over to Fleet Feet and spend some quality time with our friends. Plus I think Lil Man enjoys the gum and cookies he gets. We missed our special day yesterday as he was very busy with mom, but once he got home last night he did ask me to take him to Fleet Feet. So that is what we will be doing this afternoon.

I am enjoying my taper can you tell? Going taper crazy, especially since I am off the next four days. I have to keep occupied somehow! My body is feeling good and my legs are feeling strong, and it almost feels like TRT should be this weekend, but it is not until next weekend. What to do during this taper? 

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  1. I guess I missed this post - but LOVE the snuggle pictures with trail dog. Too. Darn. Cute.