Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catching Up

It has been crazy busy since my last post. I have been running around looking for a new place to live, working, and just trying to keep things together. Work is busy, thanksgiving week planning. I think I spent a good week and half on that schedule to ensure that I had adequate coverage that week. Crazy planning, crazy visits taking place and just plan old busy.

But with all of that going on I did manage to get a few solid runs in this past weekend. Friday night I headed to Hoppy Brewery and met some fellow runners and friends for a nice easy 8. Now I have never been to Hoppies and when I am challenge to venture out of my normal comfort zone things can get a bit crazy. In this case I made it to Brewery just fine, the problem was trying to get in the parking lot as I drove by it the first time. So I decided at the next light to do a u-turn only I couldn't. No U Turn allowed. So I had to turn left and I slowly made my way back. Then on my second attempt I turned to soon and was stuck in the wrong parking lot. Once again I had to find my way back and on the third pass I finally emerged victorious and was able to park.

Yes, you might think I am directionally challenged, but that is only when I have never been somewhere and I start to second guess myself and that is when I mess things up. Luckily my friends waited for me as I arrived a few minutes past the scheduled start time. Sorry.

We started running and I learned that there were various distances in the group, 3 miles to 6 miles to 8 miles. I am not training for anything and I haven't been running too much, and I already had a few miles in my legs for the week, but soon I found myself doing the full 8. On the way out though I managed to roll my ankle and I heard the huge pop. Weird thing was I could run on it just fine, it didn't hurt, there was no swelling so I just continued on the run and didn't say a thing. Once we hit the turn around someone mentioned possible a slight tempo on the return and next thing I knew I had increased the pace and was pushing it more than I probably should have. I mean when is the last time I ran a tempo? It has been forever, but secretly it felt really good and my leg turnover was pretty solid and I was having fun.

As the miles clicked by I slowly started slowing down, but the group helped pull me. The good thing was there was only maybe a mile to go. I think I really just wanted to enjoy some beer at the Brewery. It was a solid 8 on the pavement and a nice tempo on top of it and the best part was the beer after and the great conversations. The bad part was I had to work the next morning and by the time I made it home I only managed to get 3.5 hours of sleep and I had a full day ahead of me.

The following day as I was walking around work I noticed my ankle was really sore and tender and I couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me a few hours later, I rolled it on the run Friday night. I wasn't concerned about it but I was a bit nervous about hitting the trails after work with some friends. I didn't need to aggravate it more. The trail run after work was awesome though I was a bit sleep deprived as I didn't get a nap in after work.

I brought Traildog with me and he really enjoyed his run. He is such a sweetheart and such a Mommy's boy. His love for me was seen by all. He wouldn't leave my side and if he did he was constantly looking back for me to make sure I was still with him. What a good boy! I love my Traildog. The run was a easy 6 just out enjoying the beauty that is all around us. What a great weekend of running with friends and enjoying some drinks after running. Here is to finding the time and remembering the beauty that is just outside.

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