Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving Craziness and Other Stuff

The past 4 days have been freaky busy in the Pigeon household. I found a new place to live and stated moving late Thursday night as I waited for the gas man for about 4.5 hours. I couldn't leave for fear of him coming as I didn't have an appointment and the next time they could get out to me would have been November 16. That would have meant to hot water, no oven, no stove, no heat. Not good. But once the gas man came I gave Coach Nikon a call and he helped me move my bed which was awesome of him as it was rather late for both us. Thank You Coach Nikon!!!!

I managed to bring over another load, but after that I was ready for bed and Traildog was having a hard time adjusting. Traildog was stressed out, he had high anxiety and he was barking more than he usually does. He barked at any and all sounds. Luckily he calmed down by the second night and now he is settled in nicely. I think he misses Lil Man and his buddy Ramsey.

As for me, I am still moving stuff. You see everything I owned has been in storage for the past 4 years. It has been about a year since the last time I looked in my storage unit. So I am slowly getting the storage unit emptied and slowly getting things unpacked. The one thing I didn't take my time on was cable and Internet. I really have missed it even if the TV is on only for noise. I had forgotten how lonely it is living by myself as it has been maybe 6 years since I was alone. Good thing I have Traildog because he is keeping me sane.

Lil Man was very excited to have me move out as he gets to help his mom and dad paint my old room for the new addition to their family. Hence the reason I needed to find my own place. Lil Man on Thursday night helped me load up my car and he even helped get Traildog together so that I could take him. It was rather cute but also sad for me. Here is my 4 year old nephew bringing me boxes and than my dog. I know he is going to miss me but I already miss him. I miss seeing him sleep, his bright smile in the afternoon when he gets home from preschool, his special bond with Traildog. In fact I think Lil Man secretly misses Traildog because when I stopped by today he had a imaginary Traildog he was playing with. I can't wait for Lil Man to come over and eventually spend the night.

It hasn't all been about moving though, yesterday I headed out to Last Chance 50k, 50 miler and supported and cheered on my friend Batman. He was running his first ultra and I wanted to be there even if it was only for two aid stations. I actually received a text message early that day and had to run over to his house because he had forgotten his IT band. I grabbed it and rushed to Laguna aid station and waited for him. When he arrived he was looking strong and in great spirits. He ran a fantastic race and I am sure he will be posting about it here.

Once I finished up at Last Chance I headed to Target to pick up some thing I really needed, like trash cans, a shower curtain, laundry detergent, etc...I was amazed at how much I didn't have. Once I finished up with that I waited for the cable guy to show up. He ended up being about 20 minutes late which also meant I received a $20 credit. Score. After all that I headed back to the finish to cheer on the finishers and help support Power Girl where I could.

Overall I am glad that I took a break from the crazy madness of moving and unpacking. I really needed that human contact and what better way than to be at the finish line of a 50 miler. Such inspiration and determination on the faces of those ultra runners. Congratulations to Batman and everyone else who completed the Last Chance! Now to unpack some more and return to work tomorrow morning.

I almost forgot, but I also signed up for Western States 100, here is to keeping my fingers crossed and my name being drawn at the Lottery on December 10.

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  1. Oooh I cannot wait to see the new place!

    I was out cheering one of my friends on at the Folsom Point 50K on Saturday. Over near Salamon Falls - some really pretty trails!